Blogging - Boon or a Bane ?

I love writing. But now, am under a self-imposed compulsion to write daily.

I like to be creative. But now, am awake at 1.30 am, trying to get not out of insomnia, but writer’s block.

I am aware of the happenings around me. But now, am consciously trying to see which ones I can convert to a blog post.

I used to write for myself. But now, am constantly refreshing the page for comments.

I read and respond to all the comments. But now, I find that eating into my working hours.

I like bloghopping just as much as channel browsing. But now, am invariably glued onto my monitor.

I was new to the world of blogging. But now, am just as addicted as a chain smoker.

Is blogging a boon or a bane? Did you have the same problems too when you started off?