Seen Green ?

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I peep out of my drawing room window. I see a lady washing utensils, I hear a kid screaming, and I notice my neighbor staring back at me.

I wonder standing in my balcony. There is a dried up well, the backyard of a seemingly haunted house, and a high rise building on the rise.

I am back at my bedroom window. There is an open terrace, an abandoned table on it, and fleets of cars and buses passing by.

I give up. A lush green meadow, emerald patches everywhere, a growing tree, a blooming garden filled with budding roses, a grassy, picturesque landscape, or a scenic pasture, I was hoping to see. Have we not grown up listening to stories of windows that open to a panoramic view?

I go out for a walk. Flats on one side, independent houses on the other, hazy clouds (or was it all smoke?), polluted sky, no fresh air, scorching heat, no breeze to gently wipe the sweat off me. Well, that’s life for me in Chennai.

Ironically, today (5th June,2005) is World environment Day. The focus is on the urban environment with the theme of greening cities. Can we start with Chennai please?