Tagging Bragging

Needless to say, she t(oer)agz me and so this post. I call it bragging more so because this is about myself. I would also call it tagging ragging ;o)

Three Names I Go By :
Soms (Very few call me that)
Somu (Almost everyone calls me that)
Soma (people have stopped calling me that)

Three Screen Names :
Supersoma (My first ever screen name)
Netsup_somu (Official one. Netsup stands for network support)
Hi_there_howdy (Well, hi there, howdy?)

Three Physical Things You Like About Yourself:
Eyes (Illey na sight adikka mudiyaathey)
Legs (Not for any xxx appeal. Just that I hate being static)
Nails (well, why do you think I bite them so much)

Three Physical Things You Don’t Like About Yourself:
My Hair (So rough and never listens to my comb)
My tongue (It never knows when to keep quiet)
My Nose (My feet and nose have swapped their roles. While the former stinks, the latter runs)

Three Things That Scare Me :
Scary stuffs
Scary things and
Scary items

Three Things I Want To Do Badly Right Now:
Finish off my unfinished Godfather
Watch Friends (Borrwed some DVDs today)
Have my dinner (If I could upload audio, I would have posted a wav file of my stomach’s growl)

Three Careers I have considered/Am Considering Right Now:
Start a music band (I am learning Guitar just for this)
Teaching (I love the kind of audience that would pay me undivided attention)
Become a lyricist (Vairamuthu and Bryan Adams kalandhu seidha oru kalavai)

Three Places I Want To Go On A Vacation
Just three? Read my earlier post and you would realize I have seen just over three places in my life. Awww I wanna have more options here.

Three Kiddy Names I Like :
Shreya (niece)
Ajay (nephew)
Vikram (nephew)

Three Things To Do Before I Die :
Take one deep breath
Tell all my secret crushes that I loved them once
Bungee jumping

Total Number Of Films I Own On Dvd/Video:
Less than 10. I prefer borrowing and renting.

The last film I bought:
Look whose talking. Lol. Awesome movie. If only kids can talk, they would turn out to be more adorable, right ?

The last film I watched:
Thenali. Saw it yesterday.

Three Of Your Everyday Essentials:
Internet (Always need to be connected)
My Mobile (Always need to be networked)
AC (Can’t survive without it in Chennai)

Three Things You Are Wearing Right Now:
A wrist watch. Ooops. Just a watch. Lol !

Three People Who Have To Take This Quiz :
Just three again? Everyone is welcome to the world of bragging.

5 stupid things you did as a kid
I grew up physically. Wish I was still a kid.
I failed to grow up emotionally. People still ask me to grow up
Stole 50 paise for buying big fun

If you were granted 3 wishes..what would you ask for?
The most beautiful woman
A cruise in the Carribean with her
Three more wishes

Your most embarrassing moments…
My first proposal to a woman. It is embarrassing to go through a sense of rejection
When I went to college with a clean shaven, Salman khan look
When I was booed out of stage when I sang “Minnaley” during my 1st year in college

Name a celeb you have a crush on

On a deserted island, you would take Asin along?