Prof Laugh

This happened during our last semester. Professor X was taking his first class for us on Management Science. Within minutes he opened an Excel file and started explaining how to solve a Linear Program. “Ummmm, Excuse me.. It’s been a while since most of us had a session in Mathematics, so could you explain Linear equations in the first place”, I ask him.

The question was comfortably ignored and by that time MS Excel displayed the solution. “So, could you please explain the logic behind how Excel arrived at the answer”, I ask him again. “You have Excel, follow the steps, why do you need the logic”, he responded.

One more question on Integer Programming from a different quarter and the problem was skillfully skipped. Was it a complicated problem or was he just not able to answer the question? We decided to lodge a complaint with the highest authority of the institute hoping that our feedbacks would be heeded to.

So the next day, we browsed through the College prospectus to trace down the Dean’s contact details. To our dismay, it read,

Professor X,
PQR Institute of management.

Today, our second semester stared. Guess who is teaching us Operations Management ?

P.S. I write this with all due respect to the Prof. He is learned and his experience is my age. But this was truly our experience, and so the post


  1. Uh oh! I know, I know, it's Prof 'Y'. At least that name wud let u folks ask him a lotta Qs (whys and all). Wot say?
    (Jus Kidding)

  2. this happens a lot of times. Even we had a lecturer, who had lot of knowledge. She has done her Phd... was doing research... but teaching ... it was a no-no.
    We used to make so much fun of her in class[strngth - 100]. She was so timid.
    Couldnt just believe that she had that much knowledge...
    She left college and went to Holland to continue her research...

  3. Somu,

    That was a bit sad thing...On a different note, during my B.Engg days, we had a Prof K who's antics were so pitiable yet so comical that we ended up publishing a joke book on him called "Prof.K's PhD thesis"!!

    Such wierd characters are always found among professors ..Prolly thats why well read professors are either eccentric or absent minded or unpredictable or all put together!

    Smiles etc.,

    PS:- Didnt know you were a student!:-)

  4. Sonal... We decided we would never ask questions ;)

    Art... Poor prof... 100 of you pouncing on her is just too much for anyone to handle. In this case, I would only pity the prof ;o) What's so sad is that they have so much knowledge, but just not trained in the art of training / lecturing. But I have also had my share of profs who were simply amazing. My communications prof is an example. Just the right guy for the subject. He had me glued onto him all the time.

    Smyta, U mean u really published the book ? Is that why we have movies like NUTTY PROFs and ABSENT MINDED Profs ? hmmm

    Well few days back, I did write about completing 6 yrs of professional life... and today I am writing about being in a college... Putting two and two together, should we not be arriving at Somu being a part time MBA student who works full time ? :o)

  5. Well being a teacher myself atleast i try not to be what i faced as a student.i had this professor who called me to the staff room one day and said, "why do u come to the class,u anyways have the idea of the subject,if it is only for attnedence then u dont worry abt that:( and all this for asking him questions in Operations management paper.well,i dint care abt the attendence but sure dint ever go to his class again

  6. Oops I never thought of how a teacher would react to that...hmmm... Its nice to see someone adopt those techniques that one expected when she was a student herself. And yeah, asking too many questions is thought of as being boorish by few. One of the students in my class was pounding the prof with questions. The prof encouraged him to ask more... he added that only if many questions are asked, one of them wud turn out to be an intellignet question. Think he opened his mouth again ?

    And woohoo ! I have someone to teach me Operations Management... Wud u be kind enuf to spare sometime ? I wud love the experience of learning it from a teacher :o)

  7. We decided never to ask questions....LOL!


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