Prof Laugh

This happened during our last semester. Professor X was taking his first class for us on Management Science. Within minutes he opened an Excel file and started explaining how to solve a Linear Program. “Ummmm, Excuse me.. It’s been a while since most of us had a session in Mathematics, so could you explain Linear equations in the first place”, I ask him.

The question was comfortably ignored and by that time MS Excel displayed the solution. “So, could you please explain the logic behind how Excel arrived at the answer”, I ask him again. “You have Excel, follow the steps, why do you need the logic”, he responded.

One more question on Integer Programming from a different quarter and the problem was skillfully skipped. Was it a complicated problem or was he just not able to answer the question? We decided to lodge a complaint with the highest authority of the institute hoping that our feedbacks would be heeded to.

So the next day, we browsed through the College prospectus to trace down the Dean’s contact details. To our dismay, it read,

Professor X,
PQR Institute of management.

Today, our second semester stared. Guess who is teaching us Operations Management ?

P.S. I write this with all due respect to the Prof. He is learned and his experience is my age. But this was truly our experience, and so the post