Monday Morning News

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End of a travel does not necessitate the beginning of another. But then, when I came back to work today, I had news waiting for me. I was born and brought up in Chennai and that’s where I have spent most of my 27 years of existence. Tirunelveli being my native place, I have been there couple of times.

Since I started working I managed to visit Delhi and Mumbai. And there you have, my travelogue. And that’s as elaborate as I can get. Today, for a frog in the well, news about an overseas travel came as a very very pleasant surprise. That meant my Visa which had been shelved for the last 6 months finds itself in limelight all of a sudden.

Sure am excited. I am going for a Cisco conference, and that means some ground work. I need to cover a Casino and the Grand Canyon in the 5 days I have. I need to make a shopping list for myself. My friends have already given me their’s and Vodka tops the list.

I have seen Sleepless in Seattle,
I have seen Philadelphia,
Now it’s time for Destination LAS VEGAS.
Only this time, it ain’t gonna be some Hollywood movie.

Phew ! Does leaving the country energize everyone like this?