Campus Recruitments

Tears of joy and tears of sorrow I witnessed yesterday. Everytime we set our foot onto a college for recruitments, it happens. The freshers hunt for the forthcoming year started with an Engineering college in Chennai and am I really pepped up?

The magical moment of my selection 6 years back was recalled. Hope in my eyes, anxiety in my mind, and desperation in my actions. Everything flashed past.

Now, I see it in these prospective professionals. Some are brilliant, yet not so communicative. Some are unrestrained, yet not so technical. Given the limitations I need to work with, I can select only a few. And its indigestible to know my decisions can disappoint students.

Yesterday, it was just as emotional to the students as it always is, when the results were announced. I sparked a little smile when I walked past the ones selected, and managed a grim face and a good luck when I met the other ones.

Campuses normally paint a rosy picture. But to me it’s just the otherwise. Who am I to mar or make the career of an individual? I know it’s my job, but what authority do I have to deny a candidate from pursuing his dreams ? Such questions can prick a conscience.

Hmmm 15 more colleges to go. Sigh.

P.S. On a lighter note, the last candidate asked me how it feels to be on the other side of the table. And I said, “Back then, I had to know the answers. But today, it’s just enough I know the questions”. There are lot of funny questions and answers that emerge, maybe I shall post them all after I complete my round of 15.