Auto Blogography

Hi, am a scribbling pad and I have been surviving here for a month now. Somu, my official scribbler is going on vacation for a week. He claims he will be busy and would not find time for any sort of kirukkal.

Apparently, while he was scrawling today, I did manage to have a word with him and he assures he would be back with loads and loads of stuffs to doodle on me.

I wanted to tell everyone that this is just a temporary respite. My experience with Somu tells me that he would live up to his promise.

So, until he is back, I would be an empty space of junk. Upon his return, he would fill me with words and turn me to garbage. Gleefully when I told him all of you would give me company during his absence, he turned a little sad. I asked him why and he said,