Science vs Signs

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One thing I have always believed I never believed in was superstition. Hooting of owls, black cat or walking under the ladder have always meant nothing to me. But, the day I left for Coimbatore I experienced a revelation, that was against my beliefs, my viewpoints, and myself. All this because of whatever that happened.

Just 5 minutes before I left home the power went off and I was like “oops, did it have to fail at this time?

Moments later I was climbing down the stairs in the dark. I slipped and fell off half way through and my luggage came tumbling after. And I was like “Is something wrong today?”

I went back inside, had a glass of water and sat down for about ten minutes. In my mind I was like “My time ain’t right. Something bad is gonna happen”

At the Coimbatore station, I misplaced my purse. After 15 mins of frantic search, I finally found it. And I was like “Is this the beginning of my misfortune?”

Despite my strong impression on the absence of the Supernatural, I was occupied by a sense of unease throughout the journey. Would the train derail, would the van crash onto the median, or would something happen to me? Questions of such nature kept echoing in the deepest corners of my mind.

Today, back in the comforts of my home, I realize am safe, am untouched by any evil force and that I am in my pristine state. “Events of such nature cannot predict future nor is it an indication of anything that is destined”, I reassure myself.

One concept, mixed feelings and all in two days. So, I am sitting here confused about the question am not able to answer even with an iota of confidence. Am I superstitious or am I not?

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