SOS (Save Our Surroundings)

This is more a continuation of my previous post, and hence posting it on the same day. It’s against my policy, nonetheless, I am a sweet guy and so fulfilling the request of a friend (read it as SMYTA).

What can I do in the direction towards a cleaner and safer environment? Here’s my list. Just ignore the latter part of most points. This is what best I can do, given my limitations.

** Plant one sapling a month. I need the press to be present and my picture in the front page.

** Postpone my buying a car. Continue to hitchhike, tag along, or use the public transport.

** Use a Zippo and abandon matchboxes. Trees are felled to make them in Sivakasi.

** Conserve water. Take a quick shower. I mean it.

** Educate a child on recycling, conservation, and zero waste. I have to think of a different bedtime story for Shreya.

On a lighter note,

** Continue thriving on non-veg. Allow vegetation to live long.

** Get a transfer to Delhi where everything runs on CNG

From a teeny tiny seed grows a mega mighty tree. I am planting my seed here.

But I hope it continues to grow
here (Neelima)
here (Ashish)
here (Murali)
and here (Sangeetha)

And everyone else who is here, get this onto your site too. Let the world know that you care, and you would show it too.

Pass it on. After all it’s for a noble cause.


  1. Somu,

    Indeed very sweet of you!:-)
    Non Veg????Oho...Adadadada....Menaka Gandhi is sure going to be after you..Enaku terinja varaikkum...ecosystem....has flora and fauna both....:p
    Yenna sollareenga?????
    Now dont ask me what to eat?;-)(Next question please!!:-)) )

  2. It will grow somu, it sure will...

    We must all do our bits as much as possible. U can still buy the car somu, but make sure it runs clean (Euro 2/3), try to reduce paper wastage in office (our office has a useage of 2,00,000 sheets per month, that s bad).

    And yes, u can get a transfer to Delhi. Most welcome. Though u'll be disheartened to know that there are still vehicles that leave out a dark trail of smoke behind them!!

    " We are the world, We are the children,
    Here's a choice we'r makin,
    To make the world a better place..."

  3. somu,what continues to grow and where? how and what do i pass on???
    "scratches her head,walksout with a blank face:((((

  4. good one...
    Hope this message gets passed on to all...

  5. Smyta, Thanks for acknowledging the fact ... Yeah ecosystem is a combination of flaura and fauna.. But then As I said, that was just on a lighter note :o)

    Yenna sollureenga ?

  6. Hey Ashish, Thanks for continuing the chain. When I first came to Delhi I was surprised at how clean the city was. But when I was going through the travel guide, I learnt it is the third most polluted city... Hmmm !

  7. Neelima, Well I should have been as descriptive as you are on your posts. Cryptic language does not help here I guess. I just learnt that we call this tagging someone in blog jargon :o)

  8. Aarthy, It sure is a nice attempt at doing our bit to the environment. I would love to see you take it up with your visitors too :o)

  9. Treat this as a 'no comment' comment... all i wantyed to say is... send me that thingy that u did with my name FASTTT! :)

  10. hmmmm, considering where i'am rite now, dont think i can implement any of your suggestions, maybe i shud stick to growing planktons.

  11. Falcon, I know where you are coming from. I guess I can understand the fix you are in. Maybe you should just enjoy the chill and the snow.

    Btw, did you realize you are in "GREEN"land ? ;o)

  12. Hey J, sure thingy. I was not able to scan it. And am away for two more days. WOuld it be fine if its as FASTTT as by Friday ?

  13. Hey I also had asked for an ambigram???

    Or is it "ladies first" ?

    me still waitin

  14. No way Ashish. Yours is ready too. apparently yours was a lil tooeasy to make. And friday evening, you would see it in your inbox :o)

    Aiyooo, my last post i was talking about not creating an impression of being gender biased. Now look at this. hmmm !


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