SOS (Save Our Surroundings)

This is more a continuation of my previous post, and hence posting it on the same day. It’s against my policy, nonetheless, I am a sweet guy and so fulfilling the request of a friend (read it as SMYTA).

What can I do in the direction towards a cleaner and safer environment? Here’s my list. Just ignore the latter part of most points. This is what best I can do, given my limitations.

** Plant one sapling a month. I need the press to be present and my picture in the front page.

** Postpone my buying a car. Continue to hitchhike, tag along, or use the public transport.

** Use a Zippo and abandon matchboxes. Trees are felled to make them in Sivakasi.

** Conserve water. Take a quick shower. I mean it.

** Educate a child on recycling, conservation, and zero waste. I have to think of a different bedtime story for Shreya.

On a lighter note,

** Continue thriving on non-veg. Allow vegetation to live long.

** Get a transfer to Delhi where everything runs on CNG

From a teeny tiny seed grows a mega mighty tree. I am planting my seed here.

But I hope it continues to grow
here (Neelima)
here (Ashish)
here (Murali)
and here (Sangeetha)

And everyone else who is here, get this onto your site too. Let the world know that you care, and you would show it too.

Pass it on. After all it’s for a noble cause.