I have been booked...

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...or should I say I have been tagged. What you see above is a section of my table. Apart from the books in the corner, there are few other carelessly strewn ones all across the room. That’s just to tell you I am not a big book buff, but I definitely like reading.

So here it is Aarthy tagger…
Anjali tagger, your questions have been answered too.

Total Number of Books I own
About 5. Naalum therinjuka naalu booku podhaadha ?

Total number of books given to others and never came back
Call me stingy, selfish or cheap, the answer is still NONE. I guess not giving knowing it would never come back, has more to do with my smartness than selfishness.

Total number of books flicked from others
I am more used to flicking pens. Currently using Yusuf’s pen. As for books, I ain’t a kleptomaniac.

Last Book I bought
Vairamuthu kavidhaigal
When I came back home, I realized the first 70 pages has only reviews and there are lot of poems am not able to understand :o(

Last Book I was gifted
Leave alone gifting, I don’t even rent. Is it not quite natural for others to reciprocate? The answer again is NONE.

Last Book I read
Da Vinci Code
Was a one night love affair. I held her in my hands all night and enjoyed her from page to page.

I am currently reading
Am reading, reading and reading for a long time now. Godfather would have become Godgrandfather by now.

Five Books that mean a lot to me
1. Da vinci Code
2. Godfather
3. Angels and Daemons
4. The rule of four – Ian Caldwell and Dustin Thomason
5. Vairamuthu Kavidhaigal

Did I not tell you I own just 5? And so they mean a lot to me.

Just thought would add one more question to the list…

3 books I started reading, but never completed
1. The rule of four – Review paathu yemaandhutein
2. Jane Austin’s Pride and Prejudice – Hmmm never could go beyond few pages. The language just went over my head.
3. Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged – Simply loved the book. But somehow never went beyond 100 pages

This is for Anjali who has also booked me.. err tagged me.

Book that made zero sense to me
Hmmm... ahem... urghhh An Introduction to management Science, Quantitative approaches to decision making ... heh heh !

The most treasured book
The one minute manager. Pretty neat stuff if you can follow what is preached in the book.

Who am I gonna tag ?
Smyta – Tit for tat
Sangeetha – Eye for an eye
Akshay – Dude, I know you would have lots to write
Sonal – Whispering solitude, I know you have books for company.
Gangadhar – Sorry dude, I took the liberty to put you through this.
Anand – I know you hate it

There is no compulsion for the tagged to feel they have been tagged or for the untagged to feel not tagged. Please use your discretion to put these details in your blogspot.