Cab vs Taxi

Conversation with the Cab driver (CD) who dropped me at the airport from the Hotel
CD : Hey buddy, how are you doin today ?
ME : Am good, and how about you ?
CD : Am doin jus wonderful, thank you very much. Had a good time in Las Vegas?
ME : Of course. This place really rocks.
CD : Believe me, this is the fastest growing economy in the United States.
CD : 7000 people migrate from other states every month.
Me : Really?
CD : $1 billion a month is what they make on just the casinos. You can imagine.

And this went on for a while till the airport. We were talking about the places I saw and could have seen.

CD : You have to come back to Las Vegas and if you do here’s my number.
CD : You have a safe journey back to your country.
ME : Thank you very much.

Conversation with the Taxi driver (TD) who dropped me at home from the airport
TD : * Silence *
ME : * Silence *
TD : * Silence *
ME : * More silence *
TD : * Still Silence*

After some agonizing moments of silence, I opened up. Of course not to recreate my earlier conversation.

ME : Intha signala left (left in this signal)
ME : Inga Right (right here)
ME : Inga U-Turn yedhuthu nirithikonga (Take a U-Turn and stop)
ME : Ainoorukku change irruka? (Do you have change for 500?)

Fascinated I was by the cab drivers who knew everything about the city to be tourist guides themselves. And they always kept the conversation lively. And did not squirm if there was no tip. The concept of a yapping yapping cab driver sure was a new experience. A sea of difference for what I have been used to in Chennai.

Is that why we have oceans between countries ?