A talking talking cabbie

This post was never intended and is prompted more by the comments in my earlier post

Whenever I travel to a Hindi speaking state, I take utmost care not to expose my ignorance of the language. I either switch on the walkman to avoid any conversation or hum few Hindi tunes to just preempt any situation. So, when I had to move from the Pune bus stop to MG road in an auto, I was caught unawares by the big conversation that the driver was trying to engage me in, in Hindi. This is how it all went !!

AD : * The conversation opened in Hindi *
ME : Aahaan
AD : * It continued non-stop in the same language *
ME : Bilkul
AD : * More of Hindi was thrown at me *
ME : Acha
AD : * Hindi Hindi and Hindi was all I was hearing *
ME : Sahi sahi
AD : * Few more sentences were spoken *
ME : * Managed a nod as he was looking at me now *

And this continued for a while before he turned back and…
AD : Boliyey saar
ME : * Silence *
AD : Arey saar, boliyey
ME : Bhai saab, mujey Hindi nahin Aathi
AD : * Silence *
AD : * More silence *

Till date I have no clue as to what he was saying and was not even sure if my responses were right. And that was just to make known my experience with a talking talking cabbie.