Would I ever learn ?

Every time I come out of a meeting or a presentation, I feel I could have done better. If I had this information, I could have responded to this query, if I had this data, I could have elaborated on this point, if only I had done some groundwork, I wouldn’t have messed up this part… and many such thoughts linger. Trust on memory, last minute analysis or even any ad hoc information miserably fails.

Today was one such day. “Revamping the HR structure in my organization” was the project presentation I had to make for this semester. 2 long Months is what I had. However, I spent 2 hours today trying to understand the entire subject, the existing structure, and made my recommendations. There were 5 teams and personally I feel our’s was only the second best.

Given just one more day, I could have done really well.
If only… hmm When it’s too late I can only wish. After all I had two long months.

Preparation is the key and I only seem to repent in hindsight.