Truly amazing

A token of appreciation was given to our Mumbai associates today for their valiant effort, in not just moving on with life after the disaster, but also in going out of their way to ensure there is no service impact.

“Sir, may I take the day off?”, an employee asks on a declared holiday. Why? Because his car is washed away in floods. Did he have to ask? Some twenty odd people, I was told, were stuck in the office premises. Some took the conscious decision to stay back. Why ? They put their profession ahead of everything else. I call all this the pinnacle of customer orientation.

Besides this, the entire city has rose to the occasion and has shown resilience under very difficult times. If such a calamity only brings out the best in us, I feel no amount of adversity can shake the spirit of this nation and it’s people.

While my heart goes out to the departed and the bereaved, my mark of admiration goes out to all the Mumbaikars. You are truly amazing.

Picture Courtesy : Hindu