My first blogger's meet !!!!

** Be forewarned about the length **

6 guys at fisherman’s cove, 00:30 hrs, two cars, a flat tyre, 1 hr of struggling (I did not do much) and completely stranded. Luckily we could pump in enough air to take us till Ashok Nagar. So, that’s how the day started.

1700 hrs. I get an sms to be ready in 15 mins to head for the blogger’s meet. The 15 mins finally arrives at 1820 hrs. In the meantime, there was restless walking around the house, climbing up and down the stairs, questioning from my mom on what’s wrong, a frantic call to Kiruba and getting drenched in the rain. So, quite obviously, I missed the first two hours by which time all the mingling jingling had happened. What is unpardonable was my missing the snacks. Damn!!!

My first time, so did not know what to expect. And being not much of a socializer, my self-introductions did have their initial glitches. So, it started with knowing friend’s friend and so on. However, during the rest of the meet, I got pretty much comfortable meeting up with people.

The place was good, the view was amazing, and the ambience was just right for a gathering like this. I really cannot talk about the proceedings of the meet, as I was not there for most part of it. However, my experience during the whatever little time I was there was very interesting. I managed to group hop once in a while and shake hands with everyone in sight. The conversations turned to diverse topics. So it gave me opportunity to contribute as well as concentrate (well, that’s just a cover up for my ignorance on the subject).

It would be unfair to list down the bloggers I met, as it’s quite natural for me to miss out few names. But, as we all understand that the meeting was short (and remember? I was late), memories are short-lived, and the turnout was very good, am sure I would be forgiven for that.

** I arrived at the venue with Akshay. The guy behind my restless walks.
** Vinod was the first one I got introduced to. And a journalist from his quiz studs gang.
** Shyam has promised to let me know of a weekend getaway near Bangalore. Luckily there was no gajabuja funda.
** Satish was there to aid me with it. Apparently he is Shyam’s brother.
** Vijay became my stub pal (if there is anything like that)
** Chandrachoodan was telling us about the new job offer he got. Amnesia set in and he forgot what it was all about.
** There was Archana, Ravi, Karthik (One guy who was all praise for Sify's broadband service) from Saksoft.
** Chenthil and his job hopping experiences were really nice to listen to. He is from Tuticorin which is a stone’s throw away from my native place. I ask him why his name is spelt with a “C” and he says his dad didn’t know English.
** Sudhir had a lot to talk about finance from the time we left till he dropped me at home.
** Had a brief introduction to Chinmayi.
** And saving the best for the last, met Kiruba (Do I need to hyperlink?) and his family. Am sure you can very soon find the attendence list in his blog.

And everyone else, I can place the face, but the name’s lost. Am terribly sorry. I shall make it up to all of you somehow.

The meet for me ended the way it started. Am talking about getting drenched. Was caught in a downpour with Sudhir while returning. While we did try to get under trees for cover, we thought “What the heck” and let ourselves be hit by the droplets. And the best part, I come home, change, open my laptop and write this whole thing. Just wanted to capture it while it’s still fresh in mind.

Am now awaiting the next meet, the subsequent meet, the third meet, the following meet, the succeeding meet…

P.S. I normally restrict my posts to under 200 words. But once in a while, it’s ok for it to get lengthy, right? Infact wanted to write about my blogging experience while my friends were busy changing tyres early in the morning today. I shall save it for another day :o)

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