"Nayagan" turns Villain

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My night life has been active in the last fortnight. It has been movie time all along. In 15 days (or should I say nights) I have seen American Pie I, II and III, X-Men I and II, Gods must be crazy I and II, Euro Trip, Road Trip, Thenali, Padayappa, Look who is talking, and an entire season of Friends sitcom.

Yesterday (early in the morning today), it was Nayagan. From 0100 hrs till 0330 hrs, I was hooked onto the screen. And after some twisting and turning, I managed to sleep at 0500 hrs.

Quite naturally, I was late to work which has been a regular phenomenon due to my nocturnal life. Today, I was caught red-handed and have been issued a warning. Hmmm a real bad way to start my day and the blues only got bluer.

P.S. Been listening to Mayil iragey and Maramkothieyey (from Ah Aah) since morning when my friend pointed out they have the same tune. Am sure it would have been ARR’s idea. Simply superb.