Picture Perfect

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Way back in 98-99, I was drawn towards the concept of pen pals. Tried making friends, got to know few people, about their country, their culture and what not. The geographical diffusion normally does not allow for sustenance of such relationships.

Nevertheless, I managed to make friends with Lisa Milburn. We have had about 80 odd e-mail exchanges and countless messenger sessions. After all that, when it came to the point of wanting to attach a face behind the mails / messages, the above picture is what I received from her.

It is not an ordinary passport size photograph, nor is she posing at the camera meaninglessly the way I am doing here. Going the extra mile for someone whom she has never met and will never meet was a gesture that completely floored me.

We have lost touch, but Lisa (the one holding “S”), I hope you get to read this.

P.S. Mind you, the picture is no trick and is not a prank like the one I played here.