Past, present and future

Lunch at Dhabba Express with friends from office. Gossip, office humor, boss’s bossiness and many such things always satisfy our hunger for fun, laughter and entertainment. Spending time with friends I interact with daily is something I always look forward to.

I met up with Ravi for the second time and Prabhu, Harish for the first time. While discussing self service, AR Rehman, SJ Surya, Casinos, Bangkok and others, we got oblivious to time whisking past us. And finally we dispersed. This is just the beginning and I don’t know what would transpire in the days to come.

Late Evening
A surprise call from a college friend who is in town. I immediately demanded a get-together. And when we hit Fruit shop, there were two other pals from SVCE waiting. Do I need to say more? We got reminiscent. After a long drive I finally got dropped.

In just one day, I strived to sustain my existing relationships, build new bridges, and resurrect my lost affiliations. I call this day a RED LETTER DAY!