Blog to my rescue... Well almost !

Date : 23rd July, 2005
Time : 00:30 hrs
Place : Fisherman’s Cove, Chennai
Situation : 6 guys, 2 cars and a flat tyre.

Rolling up their sleeves, two of them jump into action trying to change tyres. Two of them step back and wonder if the tyre from Ikon would fit into the City. While two of us (Akshay and I) slowly sneak into the hotel reception.

We demand the receptionist for a computer at 01:00 hrs with internet access and guess what we were planning to indulge in. BLOGGING.

If you think this is the extremes of addiction, it might interest you to know we were only trying to help the other 4 guys. After about 5 minutes of frantic search, we finally landed on what we were looking for - THIS.

If only Baasha had picked up my call, I would have become a hero amidst friends who think blogging is sheer waste of time.

Anyways, when some day they lose their car to a jerk who wanted a test drive, I can tell them how a blog could have come to their rescue.

Update: Posted a Kavidhai yesterday for a poetry competition that's been floating on the blogosphere. Just backdated it for unknown reasons.