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“Ovvoru pookalumey Solgirathey,
Vaazhlvendraal poraadum porkalamey”

That’s how the song begins. And the rest of it goes on to enthrall every listener. Truly an inspirational piece. The music (Bharadwaj), lyrics (P Vijay), and Chitra’s voice elevate this song to a totally different level. It should be quite obvious why am talking about it here. National award for the best singer and lyricist went for this song.

At the juncture when the protagonist loses everything in life, these words motivate him. Watching the band of physically challenged giving life to this music is definitely a moving experience. Cheran was close to bankruptcy when he started off with this venture. And in a way the song reflects what went through his mind during the making of this movie. Definitely one of my favorites.

“Oru kanavu kandaal,
athai thinam muyandraal,
oru naalil nijamaagum”

The success of this movie is a living example of the lines above. The movie eventually went on to become one of the biggest hits ever.

Most popular movie (shared with Veer Zaara), best singer, and best lyricist – This is a truly deserving victory for the team.

P.S. One day, I would like to translate this song in English in my own sweet way.

Update : Click here for the translation

Picture Courtesy : Indiaglitz