My Lonely walk

Thanks to everyone for your wishes. I guess am perfectly alright now :o)

Been sometime since I posted a poem. So, here goes, yet another poem from my priced possession.

Seeking solitude,
I embark on
a lonely walk.

whispering words,
the rustling trees,
gently talk.

Sprinkling darkness,
the scary night,
admiringly follows.

Chasing away isolation,
the lonesome moon,
cheerfully accompanies.

Singing a song,
the chirping birds,
gleefully greet.

Whizzing along,
the chilly breeze,
playfully walks beside.

Adorning the sky,
the shimmering stars,
happily tread along.

My lonely walks,
lonely they ain’t,
for, with me there is

conversing friends,
a dark admirer,
and a lonesome companion,

chirpy pals,
a cool dude,
and glittering personalities.

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