Happy Independence Days

Breaking free from dictatorship is always a wonderful feeling, especially when it is something we have been waiting for, for ages. Democracy and the liberty to be what one wants, with no shackles limiting our movements has always been our dream. However, the effort we put in to realize that dream was very partial. Every day had been a battle, with none of us trying to take that step forward to unleash the free bird in us.

Ruled by a single company for ages, this was something we planned and finally earned.

In the next three days, we would be breaking free from Sify, our bosses, and customers. We would be far away from network issues, nagging calls, and processes. 6 of us have been looking forward to this weekend. The road trip to Thekadi should be good enough for us to reenergize and recharge ourselves.



  1. happy independence day...n weekend...do post a few pics of ur trip on the blog

  2. happy Independence Days[Weekend :)]
    Have fun..

  3. Happy Independence days!!
    Have a nice weekend,Somu!!

  4. Happy Independance day. Hope yr havin a good time at the Independance weekend trip you were planning.

  5. Was in chennai for this weekend as planned man.Didnt want to disturb you though. Lets meet up in my next trip.

  6. i dont quite get it. wots the big deal abt this independance day thingie?

  7. Sophie,
    Yeps. I do intend to post a lot of pics this time around. All of them have come out well. Hopefully the first set should be up by tonight.

    Thanks a lot !!!

  8. Ganga,
    Thanks a lot dude ! It definitely was a happy independence day weekend !

    Sorry could not respond to your earlier comment. I had very little time after I read that and hence could not revert. We definitely need to discuss things, but I wud need to give it somemore time. Shall let you know.

    How have you been doing ? And how can I forget our "Singing in the rain" duet !!!

  9. JVC,

    Awww I know... well maybe I shall call you up sometime this weekend. And next time around, we should meet up.

    Well no big deal, it's just that I was out on a vacation... Guess you read the title and commented ;o)))))

  10. Hi PRaveen,

    Thanks and here's wishing you the same.

    Guess am seeing you here for the first time. Thanks for dropping by !!

  11. all this shit about independence sux, u guys r not independent, trust me !

  12. Hey Somu:-(

    I came here looking forward to your road trip post!

    HOw was Thekkadi?

    Disappointed etc.,


  13. Anon,

    The least you can do is read the post before you can comment. Hmph !!!


    Sorry about that ! Was just too tired to post... I also had this problem with 0 Mb space in my C drive due to which Picassa never allowed me to post pics. All that is cleared now :o)


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