Independence Day 2 - Boating

14th Aug, 0600hrs
Venue : Thekadi Lake

Gentle wind caressing us, thick film of mist forming a haze, and six pairs of drowsy eyes. As the mist receded, the sight that unfolded in front of our eyes was simply breathtaking and spectacular. With what we saw chasing away the dreariness, we boarded the boat. Decided to stand at the rear during the entire 2-hour cruise.

The cruise, we were told, gets more exciting if we get lucky enough to spot the Sambha Deer, the Bison family or a couple of elephants.

For the first half hour, we just enjoyed the wonderful view the lay ahead of us. Picturesque, picture perfect, and scenic are words that would only undermine the splendor of nature that our eyes feasted on.

And then started the trying-to-spot-animals activity. During winters, the streams in the middle of the forests gush with running water making it unnecessary for the animals to come down to the lake to quench their thirst. The depth of the lake during this season is another factor why they keep away from it.

Even with the aid of binoculars, we could not get lucky. However, we did, towards the fag end, manage to spot two elephants that appeared like teeny tiny toys.

Rest of the cruise involved taking more pictures, a friend taking a short nap, not moving from where we stood to not lose the vantage point, lotsa jokes and frames and frames of natural beauty. We returned to the shore after 2 long hours of fun.

What we did in the Afternoon was something each of us have never experienced in our lives before. And for that reason, I personally feel that it was the best part of the trip. More about it later.