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Update : Vignesh has done a tamil translation of this poem here.

The needle pricks him once.
The virus is injected into his blood stream once.
The syndrome spreads once.
And the disease eventually kills once.
But you alienate him,
you upset him every second.
You ignore him,
you hurt him every minute.
You hate him,
you kill him every day.

Now tell me, who is deadlier? YOU or the HIV?

Now tell me, who is a stigma? YOU or HE?

I have never come face to face with a HIV positive individual. Nor am I sure how I am gonna react when I meet up with one. But what I know for sure is that I should treat him with compassion and see him as no different from the rest. I "think" am in no position to spead this disease. The least I can do is spread the message.

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7.00 AM : Tring tring (the alarm goes off)
I hit the snooze and go back to sleep.
7.30 AM : Tring tring (the alarm beeps yet again)
I hit the snooze and cuddle inside my blanket.
8.00 AM : Tring tring (urgh the damn alarm strikes again)
I hit the snooze and keep rolling on my bed.
8.30 AM : Tring tring (the stupid alarm just gets nagging)
I hit the snooze and try to enjoy my siesta.
9.30 AM : Tring tring (This time it is my mobile)
And no snooze comes to my rescue.
The voice on the other side : “Can you come over to my cabin”.

“Eh ! Can you give me 15 mins, am just on my way? “

God made lazy bums. Man invented the snooze to make them even lazier. And am not sure who invented the concept of “Office” to make the lazier ones repent for their laziness.
Another meet and another opportunity to be with the blogging fraternity. So, would I wanna miss out on that ? While I would have loved to walk across and meet up with everyone, I did manage to interact with most who had turned up. The meet by itself cannot be as interesting as everyone makes it sound if not for the interesting people who convene. And here’s a snippet of those interesting lot that I managed to meet (in no particular order).

Jaggy : His posts literally swear at his service provider. Knowing that am from the same organization, he was surprisingly nice to me.

Prabhu Karthik : When an elderly gentleman while leaving, told him, best wishes, god bless you, good luck… et al… he was kind enough to say, “Same to you” :o)

Swaminathan : A technical writer by profession… and I hope his blog is not an extension of his profession. He is back into blogging after the meet.

Jaideep : “My blog is about e-learning, not too many people read it, I write it for keeping track of technologies, you might not find it interesting” – He said them all in one go :o)

Muthu : We have met once in a training program way back in I don’t really remember. Was surprised that he could still place me. Good ‘ol ex-colleagues always have lots in common to talk about.

Satya Prabhakar : We had this small discussion on whether the top management can really find time for it’s employees. I was for it, and he had his views against it. Coming from someone up there, I had to buy his argument.

Sophie : Was in her usual chirpy self. Was more than willing every time I shamelessly asked her to take a picture of mine.

Kiruba : I was reminded of cricket matches, a word a day mails, and a truck load of enthusiasm when I saw him. He has promised to organize a cricket match between Sulekha and Sify ;o))) Please don't tell him that I have not paid for the coffee I had on Sunday.

Akshay : A harrypotter fan (who isn't, right?), a quiz freak, CAT aspirant, my junior in college, my colleague quite obviously at work and most important of them all, my dum pal.

Ravi : I have promised him a car two years from now… And he has promised me something that’s much more filling. He was one of the other good souls who called up just a while back showing deep concerns over my having gone down.

Balaji : Nanganallur party. Poor chap. Every time he said he was from Wipro, someone or the other asked him do you know her or him. Considering the company he had, I forgot to figure out if he reached home safe.

Viji : It might interest you to know that she effectively uses the “Thiruttu” 10 minute internet access that she gets at work to cook up wonderful poems. Very well-versed in Chennai Baashai. And the reason why her stay in chennai is getting extended was a major point of discussion.

Jammy : When I said I always envied his wife’s function that enabled her to interact with celebrities, he was quick to retort, “That’s how she bumped into me”. And I realized he does not work hard at humor.

Sheky : He is always in his reticent self when with people from the corporate world (read it as old men) like me, or that’s what he claims. Speak a lot with him and you would realize how sweet and interesting a chap he is. Always obsessed with my skills at puffing.

Sunil : Another colleague of mine. Had a real tough time trying to get his daughter’s attention. She did not even tell me her name. Girl’s ain’t my cup of tea, neither am I theirs. She would be around 5 years old by the way.

Vishnu : Kanni Samy. Hope he finds his first ever trip to Shabarimalai a good experience.

Jaleel : Joined us in the conversation a little late and was quick to leave for the day. The next time around we need to spend a lil while talking :o)

Ramesh : I remembered him from good ‘ol maverick days… And am seeing him after a long time. While I could place him with ease, he did the same with me too :o))

Hari : Again, did not get much time to interact with him. This is the second time I am meeting him and am sure there would be a third time to catch up with stuffs.

And the most important guy I was randomly chosen to meet was from Indian Express. Am sure he would have been taken aback by my major peters of India. He has his say on what I had to say here.

If I did leave out anyone that’s purely out of senility and is not in anyway done intentionally.
It is but natural for romance to follow romance !

Without your smile,
I would feel overcast.
Without your touch,
I would feel weak.
Without your kiss,
I would feel crestfallen.
Without your hug,
I would feel unwanted.
Without your presence,
I would feel lonely.
Without your friendship,
I would feel marooned.
Without your love,
I would feel lost.
Without you,
I would feel lifeless.

- SOM' '
Without 'U' even my name is incomplete,
How would I be any different?

Disclaimer : The disclaimer of the previous post holds good for this one too :o)
** This had to be based on a true story owing to official implications **

It is almost about a month and a half since his manager moved into the same locality as his. Yesterday, when he was in his Manager’s cabin, he was having a very casual conversation with him.

MGR : Dude, looks like someone else also has a red Corsa with sun roof.
HIM : Really ?
MGR : When I look through my drawing room window, I see it parked in the next door apartment.
HIM : Where is this ?
MGR : Indira Nagar, 1st Avenue
HIM : Oh really ? Which apartment are you in ?
MGR : Dwaraka.
HIM : Ha ha ! Then in all likeliness you are looking at my car. Looks like we are neighbors, coz I live in Jamaal’s, which is next door to Dwaraka.

Now his problem. Next time when there is a call asking him to go to office for an emergency on a weekend, he just cannot say, “Sorry, am in Kilpauk now. It would take me ages before I reach office”. His manager just has to peep out of his drawing room window to understand the stated lie.

** Trust me. This is really based on a true story **

He has always lived his life like a prince in his private lair. The freshness of liberated air was always there for him to breathe. But on Wednesday, he was arrested and kept in custody, in his own house. The same solitude he had enjoyed turned evil with every lonely passing moment seeming like eternity. He was cut off from the external world.

He was taking mindful efforts to fall asleep. To eschew pain. But, in vain. Even the VIP treatment that was bestowed on him didn’t come as a consolation. The only crimes that he committed – Catch a common cold, allow unwarranted entry of bodily pain, permit temperature to rise to premier levels and finally go breathless (intermittently of course) due to mild wheezing.

Today, he is acquitted. Absolved. Exonerated. From all his crimes. Freedom never sounded sweeter.

Tomorrow is a new day. Monday. And for once, he was not reminded of blues.

P.S. Just curious. How can one catch a cold and yet have high temperature? Aren't opposing forces supposed to be nullifying each other?

I don’t make promises, at least not to everyone. And if I do make one, that person definitely carries a lot of significance in my life. It was about a year back that I promised a very close friend of mine that I would renounce certain habits in life. I did bring in the requisite control in me to live up to the promise. The damned visit to the US saw the rebirth of the same habit that I promised to give up.

So far, this has been a well-kept secret from my friend. Yesterday, during a very casual conversation, when she asked me, “So, Somu… Do you still have that habit?”… I was caught between the devil and the deep sea. I had two options at my disposal. Lie about it and feel guilty or be honest and win the wrath of a good friend. And I did what I felt was the right thing to do. Be honest.

Now, I have a question for myself. Does being honest nullify the effect of breaking a promise? After all, there is no proverbial reference to breaking promises being the worst of policies. Am I absolved from the sin I committed by being honest?

Only one can answer that question.
** Inspired by a true incident **

The other day he was raving about how much of a flirt he had been in his younger days, and how much he continues to be. Of course, we have seen his flirtatious skills with our own eyes. You can now imagine why he was given the middle name of “Casanova”.

Every time he says he is not coming out with us for the weekend, we know the reason behind it.

Two days back, he came out after just being appraised and was so happy to inform us of the feedback he received.
“Guys, I am told that I have a go-getter attitude”.

To this there was an amusing remark from his friend, which made even him laugh at that factual statement. “Dude, in a way your boss is right. You sure have a go-get-her attitude”.

P.S. For a change, the HE in this post is definitely not me. FYI.

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On my first day in school I remember how much I cried and how much I never stopped crying until I saw my brother who had come to pick me up.

When in second standard, I remember how much I was excited to wear my new color dress to school on my birthday.

“Big fun” bubble gum was such a craze during my 4th, 5th and 6th standard. I remember how my mom made me apologize in the pooja room for stealing 50 paise to buy one.

I was such a lazy bum and I still cannot forget the fact that I had to get a sign from my mom everyday as a proof to my class teacher that I woke up early.

I remember how I went around flaunting my first ever 1st rank in 5th standard to just about everyone I came across. It was during this phase that I developed my first crush on Yezhilmalar, the one I beat to the top.

When they changed the seating pattern in my 6th standard, I remember how much I was thrilled to be seated between two girls.

On my first day in 9th standard, I remember how much I refused to go to school because my trouser was yet not ready at the tailors. I was feeling shy to wear shorts to school.

And I still remember lots and lots...

Days of childhood to everyone are always memorable. Given all the time and space, am sure I can pen down just about every good / bad incident that happened in my life. Quite naturally I miss those wonderful moments in my life when I shouldered no responsibility, when I had no penchant for money, and when I was so damn innocent.

For the kid that I have been, for the little bit of kid that I still have in me and to every kid in this whole wide world, here’s me wishing a Happy Children’s Day !

P.S. My other post on kids
The one I hold dear to,
are the memories,
of our strolls, and tiffs,
of our laughs, and tears,
of our togetherness
and many more eventful times
that elapsed.

The one I long for now,
are the moments,
of your glance, and smile,
of your love, and care,
of your intimacy,
and many more adorables,
that I enjoy.

The one I dream of,
is our future,
our family, and home,
our children, their future,
our posterity,
and many more probables,
in store.

No wonder !
You, my dear,
are my past, present and future.

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Last Saturday our class at the college campus was postponed due to heavy rains. And so, we received a mail with the subject, “Business Ethics – Class cancelled”. And so we promptly booked tickets for Sivakasi.

The postponed class was scheduled for yesterday. And again, we received a mail early in the morning with the subject,”Business Ethics – Class cancelled”. Few of us were so excited that we wanted to recreate the movie magic of Saturday night. So, we planned Maja yesterday evening.

At around 4.00 PM I got a call from my colleague,”When are you leaving for the class?”. I said,”Machi, read your mails and let me know when we can leave for Mayajaal”. All that he had to say was,”I suggest you read your mails”, and promptly hung up the phone.

Only then did we go back to the mail to read it’s contents. ”Dear participants, Just to remind you that there will be class today at 5.30 PM as scheduled”.

When people respond to old messages, can’t they not change the subject accordingly? At least we wouldn’t have had to suffer from short term elation.
Ever since I bought a vehicle for myself, I have been going home for lunch. Sambhar/Rasam saadham, Thaiyir saadham and a grand finale of dairy milk is a regular affair for over a month now. 15 mins of ananthasainam after all the food does give one a heavenly feeling, right ?

Despite all this, there is something that tries nullifying the effect of the heavenly feeling – something that I loathe and completely despise. This hatred was developed over a period of time watching things similar to it especially during the evenings. And startlingly this karumam pudicha Mega Serial’s title literally means Heaven. Yeah, am talking about SORGAM here :o((((

Luckily, in the battle between heavenly feeling and the effect of HEAVEN, am glad the former overpowers the outcome of the latter. Which is why I still keep going home for lunch.

P.S. If you have read this, maybe you should also check out this.
Inspired by a true story, though the last part of it is pure imagination

He gets a call at 9.30 AM waking him up from sleep. “Dude, have you reached office? I need to know the water level inside Tidel”. He says, “Am still asleep. If you reach office do let me know how it is”.

In about 10 minutes, he sends the caller an sms that read, “I have reached office. There is no water in the Tidel entrance. But towards the parking lot, the level is quite high. However, it should not be a problem to drive through.”

At 9.50 AM he gets another call from the same guy,”Dei, how did you manage to reach so early? I thought you were sleeping”. “Dei pannadai, I forwarded someone else’s message. Now allow me to sleep”, and he continued zzing.
Finally feels good to be back to days of normal blogging. So much has happened that went unwritten on this page… The blogger’s meet to start with. For few of us Diwali started as early as on Sunday when we burst crackers in the beach as part of the meet’s agenda. Then there was Diwali itself that was so uneventful for me. The only event was the question the day raised as to whether I was getting old.

My midyear appraisal happened this week and I have loads to catch up with for the next six months. This period is very critical to my moving to the next level. Two new releases are in my must see list which I hopefully intend to cover this weekend. My best friend's birthday was on the 2nd. I have this tradition of gifting him a card with a hand written poem every year. Will pass it on when I meet him tomorrow.

On the whole, apart from the love story that left me with a feeling of reminiscence and gloominess, it has been quite an interesting week. Oh yeah I forgot to mention the long 5 minute heavenly walk from the parking lot to the main entrance with the Rain God sprinkling teeny weeny droplets on me.

And I hope everyone has started having a wonderful weekend while am sitting here at work and slogging.

P.S. Forgot the two flattering posts from fellow bloggers that completely floored me. You can read it here and here. Thank you pals :o)
Two isolated incidents that happened within a span of two weeks

1. Six of us met at GRT Grand Days (Coffee shop) for a friend’s birthday treat. During the course of the dinner, I passed a casual comment. “I love this place. Peaceful and serene. Just creates opportunities for people to converse. Quite a contrast to the noisy pubs and loud coffee days”. And two of them in synchrony retorted, “That’s where fun lovers hangout. That’s where party goers spend time. And that’s where young and energetic minds meet. Dude ! You are getting old”

2. I was at Tidel yesterday at around 11.00 PM when one of my colleagues asked, “So, how was Diwali” ? “It was normal. Saw Padayappa. Visited couple of my cousins. And then it was Vassol Raja MBBS. Home delivered Pizza for dinner and that’s about it.” “How about crackers?” , he asked again. “Nah ! Not much of enthu for it this time, I guess”. And so came the quick response, “Is it a sign of you getting old?”

Now the big question is… Am I getting old at heart ? Boohoo !!!

I should have probably told them what the Americans think of me.