It is indeed true that the human mind is like a monkey, leaping from one thing to the other. However, am unable to draw a similar analogy to the situation that I am in now, where my long-standing passion and obsession for blogging / writing is beginning to wane, while an activity of a completely different nature is taking over.

I have moved on from the comforts of my desk / bed from where I used to write my stuff. And these days I take my place in the balcony where I toil with nails and screws, wood and timber, hammers and pliers. The fascination that I have developed, for what I would call, the basic levels of woodworking is no less than the appeal that writing had in it for me.

The idea of building something from scratch, fixing something that is broken, or redoing something that has lost its sheen gives me a kick now. What started off as building a small table for our own use has now burgeoned into making lampshades, door barriers for kids, picture frames, fixing broken cabinet doors to just about anything within the house that one can do independently. And because of woodworking’s irrelevance to poetry, which is the core purpose of psomu.blogspot’s inception, I decided to maintain a separate blog for my new found leisure pursuit. So, if you are reading this, you should most certainly visit woodooz and let us know your valuable feedback.