Am engulfed in darkness,
the bright lights seeming like a distant haze.

Silence is all that I hear,
the surrounding noises becoming mute spectators.

My world comes to a shocking halt,
oblivious to the movements around.

Am drowning in tears,
my smile giving me a deceptive outlook.

My heart grows heavy,
paying no attention to the lighter side of life.

The friend I had in my solitude,
turns evil, disguised as loneliness,
the people around fading into insignificance.


  1. Hey Somu... Well i can understand the situatoin u r in... Coz i am also having this mixed feelings... But as of this moment happiness is a bit more...
    U will surely come over the sadness...
    The poem sometimes reflects my state when i am totally away from family n friends...

  2. Oh dear !! wats wrong ?? why in depressed mood ??..cheer up..its just a phase :)

  3. Hi Somu..
    Take it easy yaar..these things are quite ephemeral..
    Please come back to your original mood,Somu..I wish for that...

  4. Hey Soms!!!

    Why depressed??? I recall the other poem u had written. Its on sify. The background was really creative, even though you were depressed at that time. Do you really get that creative when you are depressed? Well teach me too, for I think I lost some of my creativity.
    Alrite, fine, jokes apart (and that wasnt funny, I know) I hope whatever is on your mind, gets dissolved in the darkness of the nite - ie the coming night, tonight. Hey your smile is good too :-)) I like teenagers enthu fresh smiles (You are 18 yrs old rt? And me, I'm only 16). Okay dont kill me for that!
    take care

    PS: And other pics?? You gonna make the lady wait so much??? Somu's not like that!!

  5. Just hold youself uptight and think what you would be thinking this time next year? When was the last time you were depressed and what were you thinking exactly one month/one quarter or one year of your life?

    :-) You will know things pass and so will this...Mask your happiness over the is easier said than done..But I am sure you can take a few solitude pills, get a silence intoxication and sleep away your pain!

    Come on gimme your smiles please!

    Yenna sollareenga?

    Smiles etc.,


  6. Come on buddy....cheer up!!!!

    That s what life's all abt, isn't it?

    Sometimes dark and sometimes bright....

    So cheer up!!!

    And brace yourself for what all my friends get when they'r in the blues...

    a BIG BEAR HUG....

    so here's one for u dude...


  7. Hey Somu...this too shall pass...untill then.....a tight hug from me..

  8. Words sometimes fail,but would still say "Takecare " and u will be all smiles soon,i wish and pray for it.

  9. Hi Somu,
    Things will get better..till then take care :)

  10. Take care, buddy! Dont notice you were back from vacation until I saw a comment by you on some other blog... And when i came here, u seem quite depressed... Hope u feel better soon..:)

  11. depression is the inspiration to succes you are in the way ......
    one day you will reach the extacy ...of the real life
    it is better than nothing .and you will finding confident after surviving each power full waves


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