Late realization...

“You are never there for me”
“You are so selfish”
“You hardly ever understand me”
He has heard this umpteen number of times from her.

“I am sorry”
“I apologize”
“It will never happen again”
She has heard this umpteen number of times from him.

Today, he really wants to be there for her, really wants to understand her, and really wants to be selfless.

But all that she wants from him now, is to hold on to his courage as she hands him over her marriage invitation.


  1. J,
    The he or the she ? Which one sounds more like you ?

  2. En blogla ennaiya soogamaanu kettutu ingae ellam soogama ezuthi thalureengale? enna vishayam?

  3. Hey Nithya,

    Thanks a lot !!!


    Yenna pannurathu, intha kadhai orutharoda vaazhkaiyin pradhipalippu !! And are comedy and tragedy not the two sides of life's coin ?

  4. The SHE. I'm the official dumper :D

  5. Yaen pa.. vera polappe illiya.. :-( vera ethavathu post panna vaendiyathu thaane..

    most prob i'll end up like a HE in this post... Then it can be said.. namma somu said tht day itself!!!

  6. Good one Somu.....have come such situations in Tamil movies.

  7. Ouch!

    That hits me hard!

    *Ouch* etc.,(No Iodex please)


  8. Kaps,
    Very true. This has come in umpteen number of movies... Infact Vairamuthu summarized this in just one line when he said "Azhutha Kaadhali Annanu sonna Take it easy policy"

    Konjam Iodex can help... Try panni paarunga !

    What whatever u are going through, this seems like an overdoes eh ?

    Btw, am not able to comment on your new post... Invaribly the comments link is throwing a "Page not found" window !!

  9. u too are venturing into short stories, eh?

    looking at a few previous, this looks like a true story...forgive me for asking this, but is it?

    Hope it is not....

  10. Ashish,
    The reason why I did not give credit to Ammani (which I normally do) is coz this post was merely a log of day to day things I come across in life ;o)

    U hit the nail on the head dude !

  11. If its true then it cant be a story Ashish,guess u will agree with me:)
    Somu, "NO COMMENTS" because i feel it is for real

  12. Ya akruti, i must agree.....

    this is not a story certainly...

    makes me many more???????

    certainly...NO COMMENTS!!

  13. Ashish, Neels,

    NO COMMENTS from my side too. And am sure you would understand what that means :o)

  14. dude!
    slitcha the cryptic post!

  15. It's a good one,Somu!!
    It happens...

  16. As for the Short story-

    Somu!! Wow you are too good!!! And i mean it as I always did :o))

    We'll make a separate short story book. It wud be small in size and will have 235 pages. So better start working :-P

    BTW, No Comments from me too! And could you please take the pain of explaining what was said in some of the comments above. I am a little weak in Tamil, you know.

  17. My heart goes out to the guy....I've been there not very long ago... in my case .. I was shown a Selection letter from a US University:((


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