Me ? Eveteasing ?

I was waiting in an auto for the signal to turn green, when I saw her in the car next to me. I kept staring at her. She was beauty personified. A PYT in flesh and blood. But this is not what that caught my attention.

I continued staring at her. Longing for her Kadai Kan Paarvi (glance), I somehow wanted our eyes to meet. I tried waving at her, I tried screaming, all in vain.

I was still staring at her. “Just once, look at me please!”, I would have pleaded had she been within earshot. From red to amber the lights turned, and just when we were to move ahead, she turned towards me. The moment I was waiting for arrived.

When she realized I have been gaping at her audaciously, she turned red in her eyes, mumbled something in rage and went back to looking the other side. I had no time to react.

Shamelessly, I kept staring at her. I somehow wanted to warn her of her dress that was trapped in the car door.

Sigh!! Good intentions are never appreciated.

P.S. Aarthy, the book tag is on it’s way. I promise that it would be up by tomorrow.