Campus Rumpus

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Am off to Coimbatore and Erode today. That means 120 candidates to interview in just about two days. Well, I have to do my preparations / gearing ups too.

1. Make a bank of unique questions. Cannot repeat any question. My interviewer back then was so repetitive that I answered all questions.

2. Figure out answers to few questions. Its been ages now and I wouldn’t even know if someone answered Nyquist’s theorem is about how every action has an equal and opposite reaction.

3. Make a note of funny responses to my questions. Just love the laughter it evokes when I narrate them to my friends. An example
Me : What’s your ambition in life?
He : I want to become the youngest CEO.
Me : Do you know the youngest CEO is a 17 year old from Bangalore?
He : ummm errr… I still want to become the youngest CEO.

4. Be conscious as to not create any impression of gender bias. The last 7 candidates I recruited were women. Not that I was biased, but somehow that impression was created.

5. Ensure I stick to the number limitation. Or it would turn out that every other person I meet at work would be a fresher, every other person I talk to would be a trainee, and every other person I mail to would just be out of college.

6. Guard my lap top while traveling. Two recent thefts were reported and I don’t want to work without pay for three months.

7. Rehearse the pre-placement talk multiple times. Considering am doing it for the first time in front of 1000 students, I don’t want to fumble, stumble, mumble, stammer, falter, or splutter.

Well, though I would make an attempt, not sure if I can post before Friday. But that just means, loads and loads to blog about after I come back :o)

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