Variety is the spice of life

Day 1
I was getting back home from work in the Honda City. Though it is a second-hand car, I simply adore it for it’s lush interiors. The seat is at a lower level which I always found uncomfortable. Well, they never consulted me when buying.

Day 2
I reached home in the Maruti 800. It suits my really small frame and I feel less intimidated inside it. Still, the AC is not so powerful and there is no central locking. Well, did they ever ask me before placing an order? However, personally this is the car I have used the most.

Day 3
It was the day of Ford Ikon. I never liked it’s silver green color. Well, I had no say over it when it was bought. Nevertheless, I enjoy the drive for the sheer pleasure of the music that emanates from the Bose speakers and subwoofers.

Day 4
I was coming back in Sonata. Sitting by the driver’s seat, as this wonderful vehicle vroomed past the slow coaches, I felt like the little prince of the road. This is my favorite car and all for the “J” look it brings in my neighbor’s eyes when I disembark. One car I have no complaints about.

I wonder for how long I can depend on my friends and colleagues to drop me back home. And I say to myself, “Soon I need to get a car of my own”.