** Special report by our special correspondent **

“Owing to debacles in recent finals, and the controversies that ensued, we have unanimously decided to enter into a totally new venture.”, the Indian captain said during the release of their new music album.

“While I would take the seat of a composer, Ganguly would get into the shoes of the lead singer”, the Indian coach announced at the press meet today.

Naming their album “PEACE, TRUCE and FOOTLOOSE” only seemed symbolic to the fact that the cease-fire between the two was not a forced one.

At the event, while Shewag’s prelude gave the tracks a swashbuckling opening, Bhajji’s spinning-the-discs bowled the maidens over.

The following numbers are expected to top the Indian Chart.

“We’ll quit playing games with our bat,
we should have known from the start”.

“Show us the meaning of being losers.
Is this the feeling ? We seem to want it.”

Let’s hope and wish they churn out good music to all our ears. And let us continue to give all our support to the new team India band, BACK STAB BOYS.

Picture Courtesy : An E-mail forward
Being in support for the last 4 years, I completely empathize with any customer-interfacing executive especially when it comes to dealing with customers on the phone. While everything, be it good or bad, happens at the back end, it is these executives who have to face the brunt of the customers. And the sad part – For no fault of theirs.

While I save all my anger for the guy who is directly involved in delaying my request, I try to be as nice as possible to the one picking up my call. Not just because it is invariably a girl, but for the fact that I know she is not responsible for my problem.

But today, I lost my cool. My call was received with a “HELLO”, something unheard of in the service industry and it’s been almost 25 days and I still haven’t got my Debit / ATM card. What they don’t understand is that I cannot be surviving on begging, borrowing and stealing any longer.

They don’t even realize that such small incidents can make me think twice about my 7 year loyalty towards them. And I am sure they have very little clue about my wanting to talk to someone here, if there is no progress in the next two days.
Today one of my friends celebrates 5 year tenure at work. We had a small bouquet giving ceremony after barging into the conference room. In a way I was reminded of my 5 year completion a year and a half back.

In memory of all my days at work, I wrote a poem summarizing my experience and my growth ever since I started my professional life. The poem, which was forwarded to few close friends, somehow reached the hands of senior management. Surprisingly my CTO responded with a 4 line poem himself and both our works adorned the technology notice board for more than a month.

This was a poem that won me monetary reward for the first time. I still cherish those two 500 Rupee notes given to me by my Vice President. I was happy that someone at that level could appreciate talent outside the purview of work. Quite a long one it is, though I should accept it took me just 15 mins to write and for once, flow of thoughts was never a problem.

5 years, the time seems long,
a reason for me to sing this happy song,
As a trainee, started my life,
now married to work, she’s my wife.

Materials piled, all worth crores,
I started off managing that dingy store.
Looking forward to a bright career,
I kicked off dispatching and sending couriers.

Just when I was looking for a drift,
I turned technical, got into shifts,
Muthu, Madhu,Nag, Raj, Vinu my mentors,
who helped me work in the data center.

Wires, exchanges, UPS and cables,
with all of them I could write fables.
Memories of my time in Velechery,
I still cherish and will indefinitely carry.

Where I was heading I had no hint,
In 2 years I completed my NCG stint.
And one day came an organizational advice,
a change that was pleasant and extremely nice.

Just when it was time to make a mark,
I was moved to this skyscraping Tidel park,
I knew what was gonna be my work,
And that was to provide support to the network.

The one that helped me stand tall,
Was this Cisco thing called Firewall.
Then there was this implementation on PPTP,
That won me accolades, made me happy.

In what I did,I put my soul and heart,
But mistakes I made, they were my work’s part.
The NOC in Sant nagar, I isolated,
I shut Iways in Fort, glad I wasn’t hated.

Another two years just whisked past,
And my tenure in netsup didn’t last.
Then came my way that was more fun,
which was handling and managing tier1.

More now the number of problems,
And customers,too tough to pacify them.
Slowly lost my technical side,
but customers,I took them for a wonderful ride.

Too many things, too less space,
But true, there were more memorable days,
I just wish I could capture them all,
But am getting emotional,sentimental, et al.

5 years, the time seems long,
still married to work, still a happy song.
Feels overwhelming and amazingly great,
To be finally deemed a Penta-Associate.

- Writtten on 1st June, 2004
** Based on a true story **

He does not remember his tricycle days, but he sure knows how he learnt riding the bicycle paying a rent of 50 paise per hour. He practiced thereafter borrowing his neighbors Champ.

Being just a stone’s throw away from school, his primary school days were spent in walking between school and home. When he changed school, he was completely reliant on PTC.

He was excited when his cousin left to the UK for settling down. This was more so because he now had a BSA SLR to use to school. He never learnt to ride a motorcycle as he never owned one.

During college days, he was glad he had his college bus to carry him. He was back to depending on good old PTC when he started working.

Close to seven years have passed since he started his professional life. Time seems to have moved so fast. Waiting for the bus, or bargaining with the auto wallahs, or expecting one of his friends to drop him have been a daily affair.

Today was different. He was a happy man. He realizes days of true mobility are ahead of him. He acknowledges how much his life has changed in each of it's phase.

Today, he was reminded of the past as he, for the first time in his life, claimed ownership to his own vehicle.

In all the excitement he was in, he just managed to mutter, “Here I come Besi beach, here I come ECR, here I come Chennai”. And after a little thought, he added, “Here I come Kerala, here I come Bangalore”
Finally the day has arrived.
Moments of anxiety have ceased to exist.
The need to follow up is no more.
I can stop sounding so angry on the phone.

Just few minutes back I heard the news. But, as they say, seeing is believing, and so I am gonna wait till I see things with my own eyes. Until then (which is more likely to be tomorrow) I am gonna hold on to my excitement.

To be continued…
This is in response to Arathi's tag. It says I have to write a short story in 55 words. So here goes.

He did not expect it from her despite her knowing his aversion towards it. Now that he himself is part of the whole thing, he was a little frustrated. He wanted to take revenge. He wanted it to be similar, sweet and painful. And so he sat down, opened his blog and tagged her back.

P.S. Art, I am deviating from my usual "Based on a true story". So, I hope you understand that this is just a story and not a true story. And does not in anyway indicate I hate tags :o))
We have fallen in love with the same girl.

We popularized a concept called “Dono Act” in School

We went on stage for the teacher’s day function and gave a 45 minute entertainment show. The entire talent program was for only an hour and every other program had to be cancelled.

We have discussed just about “everything under the sky” under the starlit sky in Besi beach.

We have seen close to 150 movies together in the theatre. Satyam complex is where we used to be every Saturday night.

Though both of us never understood the language, saw an entire Telugu movie in the theatre.

We have been there for each other anytime and everytime. And I can go on and on.

His is the longest standing friendship of mine.

Today, he got married. And am so happy for him.

The least I could do for my friend was to gift him something that am “best” (in relation to my other talents and not in relation to other people) at. Here’s what I gave him.

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** Based yet again on a true story **

He always follows a checklist while starting the car.

Switch on the cabin light, insert the key, turn on the car, switch on the headlights and go on his usual practice drives in the night.

He has been instructed to use the rear view mirror as it aids in keeping track of what follows. For some reason he could only see glaring headlights. And when there is no vehicle behind, he only caught a glimpse of darkness.

He peeped out of the window just to confirm if it was dark. The streets were well lit and visibility clear. So, why the heck do we have a rear view mirror, he thought. Is it just for daytime driving?

After about an hour and a half of roaming around, he carefully parks the vehicle in his apartment parking lot. He took one final look at the bright premises through the rear view mirror. Darkness everywhere. And as always, followed the checklist in the reverse order. Switched off the headlights, turned off the car and took out the key.

Something was amiss. The cabin light was on. And so he switched it off. The world around him brightened through the rear view mirror.

And that’s how he learnt why it is important to have the cabin lights off while driving.

P.S. Click here for lesson 1 on driving for beginners
** Based on a true story **

As he was walking through the crisscrossing aisles towards the exit he cast his eyes on her. Standing nearly about 25 feet from him, she was making tiny movements that caught his attention. Its not so often that women end up staying back till 10.00 PM at work which aroused his curiosity.

Under the dim lights, only her silhouette was perceptible, and he had already lost his heart to her long and wavy hair. She was tying her hair into a ponytail and was on her mobile which was conspicuous from her actions.

He managed a smile. The usual before-leaving-home face wash and grooming are going to come in handy for the first time, he thought. “Hi, What’s you up to at this time?”, “Long day eh?”… and many such monologues flashed past his mind. As he approached her taking a detour from his usual path, he was not sure which one of those he would unleash to start a conversation.

He started closing in on her. His heart was racing. And just when he was within earshot distance, he realized the longhaired, pony tailed stud was talking to his girl friend on the mobile.

Our man manages a “Good night dude” and walks off silently like nothing had happened.
My blog life is a secret well protected from the knowledge of my folks at home. Sometimes I write things that most guys would not want anyone from home to be aware of. For example, a picture like this will ensure that I am not allowed inside home for few days. So, just imagine what happens if someone reads about my buying a pack of cigarette, or visiting a night club from here.

I can argue that I am a grown up and I have all the discretion to make my own choices. But definitely, there are few choices that no parent or even siblings would ever encourage.

My desktop at home was recently cleaned of all the virus problems that it was suffering from. And so, my browsing and blogging (or should I say the lack of it) experience migrated from the privacy of my room to the company of everyone else in the drawing room.

Its not lack of interest or dearth of time or absence of ideas or a self-imposed ban. The reason for delayed posts is just this. Am sure it would continue for a while till I find a way out :o)

P.S. My Obsession on wallpapers has still not died. Today was Mary-Kate and Ashley day and am still working on more downloads. Looks like am developing a new crush. Am so confused as to who between the two should I pick.

Instant poems to me are elusive. Time and effort invested in writing a verse is always huge in my case. And so, when I wrote some lines instantaneously, I thought I should thank those posts that prompted me to write.

Broken Promises
In response to Smyta’s THE LOOK

To pamper me with smiles,
was your vow.
To shower me with happiness,
was your pledge.
To overwhelm me with joy,
was your word of honor.
To delight me with bliss,
was your assurance.
To indulge me in ecstasy,
was your oath.

Rescue me, my love,
before the next drop of tear trickles down.

In response to Sophie’s SMILING BLOSSOM

They wither in a day.
Droop within 24 hours.
Wilt before it is tomorrow.
Yet they smile,
telling us in unspoken words,
to live life,
like it was our last day.

Vaseegara Weather
In response to Viji’s VASEEGARA WEATHER

Even scorching summers,
threatening thunderstorms,
damaging downpours,
barbaric blizzards,
are signs of pleasant weather,
when am locked in your arms.

Having been used to thanking folks for commenting on my posts, feels a little strange to thank those for making me comment on theirs. LOL !

P.S. Have made minor changes to the original lines.
** Based on a true story **

Taking his brother’s car out all by himself for the first time, he felt a surge of liberty running through him. He wanted to paint the entire Indira Nagar locale red. The time, 2230 hrs, was right for this novice driver as the roads / streets were deserted.

However, struggling to get the car going on the reverse gear, he saw his excitement slowly dampening. It was in his 21st attempt that he could move the car on the first gear. From then on every attempt to change gears stopped the vehicle. Embarrassed and demotivated, he wondered if he was ever capable of driving alone. His earlier practice sessions with his brother were without glitches.

It’s been an hour now, and he had moved only 500 meters away from where he started. Another gear change force stops the car in a shady corner of the road. He wakes his brother up from his sleep. “Anna, can you come over? Looks like am stuck here”. His brother comes to his rescue and teaches him his first major lesson as a driver.

From that moment on, he takes care to release the handbrake before starting the car.