A Reunion

A surprise call it was. And I met him after 8 months of not being in touch. I realized how much I missed him. It was 12 years back that we met and I am glad that with time our friendship has grown and matured. He has been there when I had failed, and I have been there when he was down. We were there helping each other in our sorrows, and had been together to celebrate our moments. Now, despite 8 months of respite, we are still going strong.

I was amazed at the turn of events in his life.

** He has been ramp walking for 7 months now
** He came 12th in the recent Gladrags held in Bangalore.
** He has found his better half. I managed to have a word with her too (She is in Mumbai, so it was a brief telephonic conversation).

And he was amazed at how little my life has changed.

Yapped at coffee day. I was reminded of the 150 odd movies that we have seen together. Today, my faith in friendship was reinforced. I know I can count on him. It does not matter for what, it does not matter when, I know for sure I have a friend in JAI.