The Number Game

Well, I seem to have got paranoid about numbers of late. I know I cannot be getting away from mathematics for the rest of my life. Nevertheless, when I come across a situation where I have to prove my skills at it, I get lost. I am talking about examinations here. Math has always remained my forte so long I was in college and school. Now, it seems to have become a big challenge.

Maybe, it is because of the time factor. Working almost 9 hrs everyday and attending part time classes can sometimes turn tiring. Hardly do I find time for anything else. To make matters worse, I have these series of exams coming up. Statistics was one that I recently managed to get through (I haven’t got my scores yet. Just that I managed to write an exam).

Accounts is what seems looming and scary. I have my mid-term today, and I have never attended any of the classes. Nor do I have any clue about profit / loss, income / expenditure, cash flow or even ration analysis. Anyways, I intend spending as little time as possible amidst my busy Saturday work schedule to get to understand a bit of everything.
Phew!!! Glad the scoring is only relative.