It's appraisal time

An anxious day today for me at work. After a year of working hard, its time for me to know where I stand with respect to making more money or / and growing up the corporate ladder. Yeah, am talking about the performance appraisal results. No matter what the kind of work I have been doing, the amount of time I have been putting at work, or the quality of work that I have been able to deliver, the one factor that matters the most in helping me judge how I have fared is the package.

Papers have been distributed to a few at work and the results are random. Few promotions, and hikes ranging between 10 to 25%. My turn is likely to come up today. Am waiting with fingers crossed. There are certain figures in mind which I had made clear to my bosses when I sat down for my appraisal.

Hope I get the courage to challenge the figures with my Head of Business Unit in case they are not up to my expectations. Phew… and that really makes it seem like a very very long day ahead.