Pain in the neck

“Pain in the neck” informally refers to a bothersome or annoying person. Today am realizing how pain, literally in the neck can be bothersome and annoying, I have been suffering from severe neck pain for the last three days. While it subsides after a night’s sleep, it tags along to work, and worsens during the course of the day. Every time I end up falling sick, it seems like that problem is the worst that I could ever go through. So, needless to say, the pain in the neck is now a real pain in the neck.

I had / have the following issues to tackle

No more using the computer at home. Which means my blogging has to be from a secret hideout. Even now, the light’s are off and everyone’s asleep.

My weekend is all messed up, just not the way I planned it to be. I was supposed to be out tonight with friends and play a cricket match on Sunday.

Could not give the girl I admire a second glance in the atrium. I did not even attempt the first glance. Moving my entire torso to have a look made it seem quite obvious.

I have to walk around like a bridled horse, my sight focusing on anything and everything that is straight.

And for that reason, people could call me stiff necked and I cannot stick my neck out on anything

The brighter side to it is, I get all the rest I can have and for now, my neck is responding to the rest and the prescribed medicine. Occupational hazard is what the Doctor had to say. Little does he know that it is more domestic than occupational. After all, its at home that I use my lap top the way it is to be used – on my lap. Sometimes I use it on the bed or otherwise on the floor when I want to stretch. The table that is meant for this purpose is busy holding strewn clothes, scattered papers, books and everything else for which I could not find a place. I just have to reduce my extensive use of the computer and make sure my posture is right.

Anyways, there is a totally different kind of pain one can get way below the neck, which I hope I never experience in life.