Dawn of the Dead

I love this "Dawn of the Dead" desktop wallpaper not just for the gruelling effect it has on that guy or the puking effect it has on me, but also for a reason that has nothing to do with horror.

I was giving a CRM demo on my laptop to few customers from Sweden. Every time I had to “Show desktop”, I would hear a “Gosh” or an “Urghh” or a “Yuuuck” from behind. Thankfully it led to some lighter moments too. End of the session, when everyone was leaving, one of them walked across, gave me a brand new cuff link and said, “That was for the wallpaper pal”.

So spontaneous and genuine was his action,I was amazed at how someone could appreciate my having a wallpaper as gross as this. Now, every time I look at that cuff link, I am reminded of how wonderful my life would be if I can learn to acknowledge even my shortcomings and deficiencies.

Hmm... An insight into life, not through my presentation skills or product knowledge, but through a simple horrifing wallpaper - a reason why I like it so much.