It is but natural for romance to follow romance !

Without your smile,
I would feel overcast.
Without your touch,
I would feel weak.
Without your kiss,
I would feel crestfallen.
Without your hug,
I would feel unwanted.
Without your presence,
I would feel lonely.
Without your friendship,
I would feel marooned.
Without your love,
I would feel lost.
Without you,
I would feel lifeless.

- SOM' '
Without 'U' even my name is incomplete,
How would I be any different?

Disclaimer : The disclaimer of the previous post holds good for this one too :o)


  1. Without "u" this word will also be incomplete



  2. Somu......u are in the news....take a look at this post-

  3. the last three lines are too good, SOM

    and another feather on your hat for featuring in NIP's article... good going.

  4. @Balaji
    Looks like you forgot "Por-kki" and "P-naak-"

    Ivalavu urukama oru poem yezhudhina, ha ha va ? ;o)))

    Thanks for the pointer... I did have a word with this guy from indian express yesterday during the meet... But never knew it was gonna be up so soon :o)))

    Thanks... I like those three lines too... guess anyone who has a "U" in his name can make use of it seamlessly :o))

    And thanks... And as I had said, its such words of encouragement from ya folks that keep me going.

  5. first congratulations for being featured in NIE,

    aporam enna ora kadhal mazhaiya?

  6. @Vatsan
    Thanks machi ! Btw, why didnt ya turn up ? I was looking fwd to meet ya... I was left with no company till late in the evening for u know what !

    Illa pa... Mazha penju onja effect intha poems !

  7. I saw the snaps in Ganesh's blog....but he has not mentioned the names and hence couldn't relate to some of the folks.

    I could make out Kiruba, PK, Chinmayi, Partha Krish etc. I didn't see u in the snaps.

  8. Hi da somu!

    Nice blog and nice poem indeed! I followed this newspaper article about you - http://www.newindpress.com/Newsitems.asp?ID=IE920051127111958&Title=Chennai&Topic=0

    Great going da! I write romantic poetry too.. in both english and tamil, do take a look @ my poem, The Silhouette here - http://nakshatrams.blogspot.com

    Thanks and keep writing,

  9. vis2somu
    //ivalavu urukama oru poem yezhudhina

    >> appidiya!!!!!!!

  10. @kaps
    Mez not there in any of those pics ! A price that u have to pay for dropping in late ! Maybe i shall post couple of pics taken from Sophie's cam (once she has them all uploaded) :o)

    THanks for dropping by Venky... and thanks for ur kind words !

    I have booked marked ur URL... Will go through the same today and let u know :o) And u keep writing too !

  11. Nice poem,Somu..Ending is so nice!!
    And it's great to see your name published in Indian Express!!congrats..

  12. congrats on the name mention ;)

    ahha enna poem enna u ;) u is amazing illehya ;p

  13. @Ganga
    Thanks pal :o)

    Thanks a lot !
    So, in effect what you are saying is that "YOU" are amazing ? ;o)

  14. somsu konjam over feelings ah irukku intha poem......... from "Reflections" age u are writing such over-peelings poem nu ninaikaren....(Remember "thanimaiyile inimai" or somekinda title similar to that ??) of course reasons vary with time......

    without U my name is incomplete, ethanai peru ppa ippadi kilambirukeenga...prabhu's he-she padichathillae? appuram she ketpaanga..appadi paartha without S, M, S koodathan un name incomplete aaguthu avangallam yaaru nu....

    feel pannunga...aana nyayama feel pannunga (Vadivelu style :p )

  15. without U how would i spell sUcess
    without U how would i trUst...

  16. without U would spell sUccess wrongly and fail in the dictation test by UKG teacher

  17. without U the following would be incomplete--rum and puff.

  18. without U and inverted V even the roads to nilgiri hills would be incomplete

  19. What? No disclaimer this time? ;)

  20. Hmmm... This poem was quiet easy for me to understand.

    Had a really great time with u all.
    That Dinner made things memorable..

  21. SOMEONE SPECIAL? sounds fishy:D

  22. @Subra
    Romancena konjum exaggeration irukathaan seium ! Whatever written in reflections was more out of compulsion... When u are the lit sec, u need to make your contributions, right ? But ippo yelaam feel panni yezhuthurathu ! Ithula nyayam aniyaayam paaka koodaathu :o)

    Way to go... Did you notice "Fail-re" and "distr-st" cannot be spelt without "U"

    Super... One sentence one thousand meanings... Hats off :o)))

    To avoid any misintepretations of the lines penned down, the disclaimer has been put in place ! Thanks for the reminder :o)

    Am glad you did !
    And the feeling is mutual... I did have a wonderful time with u yesterday :o)

    So, what do u smell ? One day the fish would be out of its net... But be assured the disclaimer is true... If there is anything fishy, I wud ensure you get to know it much before many :o)

  23. looks like a lot of people are jumping on board the 'without u' bandwagon..
    when i think of 'without u' i think of u 2.. (esuze the pun)

  24. @Akshay
    Do Yo- think I sho-ld copyright the witho-t U technology ?

  25. what im trying to say is U are amazing so is this U and so is that U ;p


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