No kidding

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On my first day in school I remember how much I cried and how much I never stopped crying until I saw my brother who had come to pick me up.

When in second standard, I remember how much I was excited to wear my new color dress to school on my birthday.

“Big fun” bubble gum was such a craze during my 4th, 5th and 6th standard. I remember how my mom made me apologize in the pooja room for stealing 50 paise to buy one.

I was such a lazy bum and I still cannot forget the fact that I had to get a sign from my mom everyday as a proof to my class teacher that I woke up early.

I remember how I went around flaunting my first ever 1st rank in 5th standard to just about everyone I came across. It was during this phase that I developed my first crush on Yezhilmalar, the one I beat to the top.

When they changed the seating pattern in my 6th standard, I remember how much I was thrilled to be seated between two girls.

On my first day in 9th standard, I remember how much I refused to go to school because my trouser was yet not ready at the tailors. I was feeling shy to wear shorts to school.

And I still remember lots and lots...

Days of childhood to everyone are always memorable. Given all the time and space, am sure I can pen down just about every good / bad incident that happened in my life. Quite naturally I miss those wonderful moments in my life when I shouldered no responsibility, when I had no penchant for money, and when I was so damn innocent.

For the kid that I have been, for the little bit of kid that I still have in me and to every kid in this whole wide world, here’s me wishing a Happy Children’s Day !

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