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On my first day in school I remember how much I cried and how much I never stopped crying until I saw my brother who had come to pick me up.

When in second standard, I remember how much I was excited to wear my new color dress to school on my birthday.

“Big fun” bubble gum was such a craze during my 4th, 5th and 6th standard. I remember how my mom made me apologize in the pooja room for stealing 50 paise to buy one.

I was such a lazy bum and I still cannot forget the fact that I had to get a sign from my mom everyday as a proof to my class teacher that I woke up early.

I remember how I went around flaunting my first ever 1st rank in 5th standard to just about everyone I came across. It was during this phase that I developed my first crush on Yezhilmalar, the one I beat to the top.

When they changed the seating pattern in my 6th standard, I remember how much I was thrilled to be seated between two girls.

On my first day in 9th standard, I remember how much I refused to go to school because my trouser was yet not ready at the tailors. I was feeling shy to wear shorts to school.

And I still remember lots and lots...

Days of childhood to everyone are always memorable. Given all the time and space, am sure I can pen down just about every good / bad incident that happened in my life. Quite naturally I miss those wonderful moments in my life when I shouldered no responsibility, when I had no penchant for money, and when I was so damn innocent.

For the kid that I have been, for the little bit of kid that I still have in me and to every kid in this whole wide world, here’s me wishing a Happy Children’s Day !

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  1. Hey somu, cute post ! Me too remembered my childhood days very much when i read urs...! infact, very recently was talking to one of my friend about it..those days are my golden days always :)..Happy childrens'day to all those kids who are still enjoying their childhood days !

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  3. cute post..:) very sweet memories..:)

  4. Somu,
    Only kids have scribbling pads.
    grow up :-)

    Happy Children's Day.

  5. @JB
    Thanks ! Ofcourse everyone has their memories intact. Just that we don't take the time to think about it sometimes. I wish I have a record of all of childhood activities. Am sure it would be fun to flip through those pages :o)

    Hope I was of some help :o)

    Thanks a lot !

    Hello Sambhar Mafia... This is too much !! ;o)))

    Right from a trainee to the CEO use scribbling pads to jot down stuffs ;o)

    What say ?

  6. Kaps,
    Its the perspective in/on scribbling pads that is important than just their utilitarian function, dontya think so?

    We raise a toast to the kid(s) in all of us! As long as they stay, we'll continue to remain young, whatdya say?

  7. @Ravi
    The perspectives scribbled here are that of a grown up... Some of them could seem childlike, but it never gets childish ;o))))

    Correct, am slowly forgetting my Diwali day experience :o) We shall live and die as youth :o)

  8. nostalgic post somu... "big fun" days were fun -- collecting runs and wickets to get a gift :-)

  9. @Uma
    Awww thanks :o)

    You collected them too ? If I stole for big fun, u can imagine how much I was addicted to it... And if you collect 100 Runs and some 10 wkts, they used to give a flipper book... I used to collect as many as I could :o0

  10. soms 10th ku appuram periyavan aayitiya :)

    why didnt u remember ur 1st day at vanavani and the public ragging done by the +2 students??

    and teacher's day celebs


    to make our life an enjoyable one, we shud preserve the child in us

  11. @Subra
    As I said, I remember lots and lots and lots... Just had to keep the self imposed werd restriction in mind... Though this post was an exception as I exceeded it.

    I was not there for my first day in 11th. Though I had the honor of being the official ragger when I went to 12th.

    My most memorable day in VV, as you said, was the teacher's day celeb. I was performing on stage for 45 whole mins when the entire program was only for an hour. The rest of the events had to be cancelled coz of me (and Jai) :o))))

  12. Somu K:

    Sooper post da!

    //When they changed the seating pattern in my 6th standard, I remember how much I was thrilled to be seated between two girls.


    Gosh I am having such a laughing start to my week!

    Sweet musings!

    Smiles etc.,


  13. @Limsa
    Thanks :o) Infact i had a good start to my week too thinking about all that I wrote...

    Btw, I even remember one of the girls name... It was Mahalakshmi :o)

  14. You can make an Autograph-2. It will be good competition to Cheran's Autograph.
    Good post!!

  15. @Vee-jay
    "Thavamaai Tahavan irunthaalum", antha "Porkaalam" will never come back... And all that I can manage is a teeny weeny "Nyabagam varuthey" post :o)

  16. made me remember my childhood days..And I'm glad that you had so many wonderful incidents in your childhood..I enjoyed my childhood too..more than enough...
    And you put your words verywell here...nice post,really....
    And I didn't forget your post on kids mentioned as PS itemm..We become known to each other with that post only...
    Happy Children's day!!!

  17. this was so sweet ;) childhood was fun wasn't it ;)

  18. Somu,this would be one of my fav posts i read in blogworld,Each sentence brings back memories and each sentence makes me turn around ask myself "what did i do at that age" Happy childrens day.
    Oh,by the way..I dint cry on my first day to school,i was laughing at another kid who was crying:D smart,isnt it.

  19. Yukkkkkkkkkk,sorryyyyyyyy,that was not a anon comment but it was me:(( Blogger ditched me at that moment.

  20. somu... big-fun, yeah i was so damn crazy about that :-) A 6 or a wicket in big-fun meant much much more than anything else :-)...

    here is my post on some more nostalgic memories with a link to yours... i had written a couple of months back...

  21. ahh that is so very nostalgic,so very touching.the moment i read this post i left the room and spent around 15 mnts trying to recollect the long lost indeed stimulated the non-functioning child in me :P

    am glad u posted this :)

  22. @Ganga
    How can I forget. Infact it was a post on how much you hate kids that made me comment and from then on... you know it yourself :o)

    Am glad you liked the post :o)

    Thanks... and yeah childhood has always been fun... After all, that's one phase in our life that we all wanna go back to, right ?

    Am so happy that such a feedback comes from you. I just don't know what to say :o)... Lol ! Some smart kids, I have been told, never used to cry on their first day.

    I should also accept that this is by far my favorite post of mine :o)

    Btw, I read the anon comment yesterday and wanted to respond... However did not find the time for it.

    Today, I read just the first two words of your comment and was shocked to know that the post made you say "Yucckkkkk"... Lol !!

    Wow ! Thanks for the mention and it sure is a wonderdul post ! Am sure the writer relished every bit of his childhood :o)

    Welcome back to good old days of Childhood :o) Thanks for your kind words :o)

  23. You must be a genius; you remember so much from your first class.
    The only way I know that I went to first class, is because my mom
    told me so. Nice post anyway.

  24. Dude....which year did you complete class XII? The name "Yezhilmalar" rings a bell. Of course, I had a crush on 75% of the girls in Vana Vani.


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