Better late than never

You are there when I cry,
not to console me, but to support.

You are there when I fail,
not to sneer at me, but to encourage.

You are there when I err,

not to point out, but to make me realize.

You are there when am happy,
not to share it, but to amplify.

You are there when am lost,
not to scare me, but to guide.

You are there when am weak,
not to exploit me, but to strengthen.

You are there when I need you,
not because I want you to, but because you care.

This day is special, and this is your day,
dedicated not to anything else, but to our friendship.

Happy Friendship day Pal!!!

Incidentally, I got a call from an old friend on Saturday... and we talked about how things have gone wrong between the two of us, about how we made assumptions and let things take their own turn, about how a little communication from either of us could have saved the relationship, about how our egoes have let us stay away for more than a year, about how wonderful it was to be together in the past and how much different it is now, about how we can work together and revive our friendship. And we closed the call with that pact. A fitting start to a wonderful Friendship's day !!!

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