House Arrest

** Trust me. This is really based on a true story **

He has always lived his life like a prince in his private lair. The freshness of liberated air was always there for him to breathe. But on Wednesday, he was arrested and kept in custody, in his own house. The same solitude he had enjoyed turned evil with every lonely passing moment seeming like eternity. He was cut off from the external world.

He was taking mindful efforts to fall asleep. To eschew pain. But, in vain. Even the VIP treatment that was bestowed on him didn’t come as a consolation. The only crimes that he committed – Catch a common cold, allow unwarranted entry of bodily pain, permit temperature to rise to premier levels and finally go breathless (intermittently of course) due to mild wheezing.

Today, he is acquitted. Absolved. Exonerated. From all his crimes. Freedom never sounded sweeter.

Tomorrow is a new day. Monday. And for once, he was not reminded of blues.

P.S. Just curious. How can one catch a cold and yet have high temperature? Aren't opposing forces supposed to be nullifying each other?


  1. somu, the opposing forces exist if they r of equal magnitude and hence stay in equilibrium!! ;)

  2. Somu K;

    Hope u r feeling better. Amazingly I am down with wheezing and fever myself from the last two days! Coincidence?:-) It is freezing cold in UK!

    Hmm..BTW, Something gets known as a positive when a negative lurks around!
    So I guess ur fever and cold were seeking each other's help for their own identity sake!

    take care etc.,


  3. Docs Dope will be there in Chennai Bloggers Meet to expose Kiruba's MIS deeds.

    Kiruba, Anon has mailed me all the "gory" details of yor perverted acts.

    Keep a watch for me...
    -Docs Dope

  4. Hi Somu,
    Heard that a lot of people in India are catching cold, probably because of the "monsoon" season.

    Be glad that you got off with the cold :)

  5. oru thesaurus-a padicha thrupthi! :)


  6. I got well got sick got well got sick - the office is running with the flu - maathi maathi infect panrange :((( i hate flu :((

  7. inthe "cold" is a misleading term... it has nothing to do with temperature... so high temperature with cold doesn't mean what we think... so no opposite forces... ellam different forces that can't be compared, avalavu thaan... hehehehehe

    good that u r alive and kicking after the cold and fever :-)

  8. @Kalai
    I wouldn't wanna dispute that !!! :o)

    Yeah feeling better... At work just coz i cudn;'t afford to be away for long... Given the choice I would have preferred to stay at home before I can recuperate completely...

    Down with fever and wheezing ? I can empathize with you... Just does not feel good to be short of breath... Get well soon :o))))

    Somu K

    Yeah... Monsoon is really taking its toll... even today I had to come to work while it was pouring heavily... Sometimes its so unpredictable... In my case, I think it was over exposure to AC that aggravated the situation... Yeah cold by itself seemed so painful... I guess I should be glad I got off just with it.

    thesaurus illa. ;o)))

    How are you now ? Sick, or got well ?

    That was just for fun... It was more about the literal meaning of cold and high temperature and nothing to do with its medical significance :o)

    Yeah... am alive and kicking ... Thanks :o)

  9. Hi somu,

    Read the Children's Day post and really loved it.

    About the Cold... well get well soon....

    Been here after a long time..

    Bye and take care.

  10. Liberated,atlast freedom,Congratulations, where is my treat? not fair somu,Treat,trat,treat, on your freedom:)
    Do opposites attract each other?

  11. hey somu K,

    Eppadi irukka..hows ur day faring? Feeling better?

    M feeling a lot better too:-))

    It is nice to see u back...Surely u were being missed around here very badly:-))

    Smiles etc.,


  12. @Shanthanu
    Welcome back. Am sure it's been quite a while since I saw you writing something. Howz life going on ?
    Thanks... the cold is gone... though a lil bit of discomfort still exists :o)

    Sure thingy... Wud I say NO to ya... When ? Where ? What time ? SHall let the lady decide. What say ? ;o))))
    Ofcourse opposites attract... Else ... you know what wud happen otherwise :o)))

    Nalam, nalam ariya aaval :o))
    Feeling much better. Cold is gone. Fever's gone... Just a lil bit of unease that am going through which shud be fine as the day nears its end.

    Thanks... The feeling of being missed is inexplicable... I feel that now :o)

    Somu K

  13. ha ha...romba santhoshama almost all the time in house ive gotta company for some

  14. For me, house arrest is enjoyment. very much a homebody. But definitely not due to sickness :-(

  15. Well, the ppl who kept u under arrest must hv surely considered the fact tht...u bettr stay at home rather than cause more ppl to b under house-arrest :))
    Glad to know tht u are free now :)

  16. @Sophie
    THanks... and the personalized ppt simply rocked... THat was really a sweet gesture :o)))

    Right... I simply love staying at home... But not being able to do what one normally would like to do at home speaks of a different story... I had to be in bed for almost all the time. I could not speak... so a friendly chat was out of question. TV was not watchable (eyes started watering) and reading was just as difficult... I just had few SV Sekhar MP3s to keep me company :o)

    Correct... I could have easily passed it on to someone... With me coughing and sneezing most times, it was better that i was quarantined :o))) And just as you are, am glad too that am free now :o))

  17. Hope u become perfectly alright pretty soon...
    But even if u r not well.. being at home getting pampered is something i really miss..

    I wasnt feeling well sometime last week... But who s gonna pamper me over here.. So had to get well on my own....

  18. Achho pavam Somu!

    Hey dude.. hope you fine now!

    Take care.


  19. Never realized that a "sick" person can be so creative...another nice post on an interesting blog

  20. @Art
    Thanks... I hope so too... Atleast for the coming bloggers meet, I intend to be hale and healthy.

    True... Being sick at home is much better than having home sickness... Am sure good things will eventually be yours :o)

    Glad to hear that !! Hope the flu flies off soon !

    Much better... Thanks :o)

    Necessity is the mother of invention... Adversity is the mother of creativity ;o))

    Thanks for your kind words :o)


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