House Arrest

** Trust me. This is really based on a true story **

He has always lived his life like a prince in his private lair. The freshness of liberated air was always there for him to breathe. But on Wednesday, he was arrested and kept in custody, in his own house. The same solitude he had enjoyed turned evil with every lonely passing moment seeming like eternity. He was cut off from the external world.

He was taking mindful efforts to fall asleep. To eschew pain. But, in vain. Even the VIP treatment that was bestowed on him didn’t come as a consolation. The only crimes that he committed – Catch a common cold, allow unwarranted entry of bodily pain, permit temperature to rise to premier levels and finally go breathless (intermittently of course) due to mild wheezing.

Today, he is acquitted. Absolved. Exonerated. From all his crimes. Freedom never sounded sweeter.

Tomorrow is a new day. Monday. And for once, he was not reminded of blues.

P.S. Just curious. How can one catch a cold and yet have high temperature? Aren't opposing forces supposed to be nullifying each other?