Shocking Surprise

** This had to be based on a true story owing to official implications **

It is almost about a month and a half since his manager moved into the same locality as his. Yesterday, when he was in his Manager’s cabin, he was having a very casual conversation with him.

MGR : Dude, looks like someone else also has a red Corsa with sun roof.
HIM : Really ?
MGR : When I look through my drawing room window, I see it parked in the next door apartment.
HIM : Where is this ?
MGR : Indira Nagar, 1st Avenue
HIM : Oh really ? Which apartment are you in ?
MGR : Dwaraka.
HIM : Ha ha ! Then in all likeliness you are looking at my car. Looks like we are neighbors, coz I live in Jamaal’s, which is next door to Dwaraka.

Now his problem. Next time when there is a call asking him to go to office for an emergency on a weekend, he just cannot say, “Sorry, am in Kilpauk now. It would take me ages before I reach office”. His manager just has to peep out of his drawing room window to understand the stated lie.