Meal Mela

Yesterday during lunch, Joe was telling me, “Somu, you bring home from lunch…” and there was a sudden burst of laughter. We did not know if it was a slip or spoonerism.

And today, Susi was asking Kiruba, “It takes me 6 hours to drive from Chennai to Bangalore. How did you manage to run the Bangalore marathon?”. And yet again we roared in amusement.

Lunch at work is always fun, not just because of these involuntary slips and innocent questions. This is when we pull each other’s legs, we gossip and crack jokes. This is when we give vent to our frustrations, we relax and smash our tensions. This is when we discuss women, talk about movies, and argue over petty things. This is when we focus on everything under the sun, but work. And all this besides having a sumptuous meal.

Such moments, away from work pressures, short fused bosses and perstering problems, are always looked forward to. And today’s was the best in a long long time.