An idle mind...

Just a thought because of what I was doing all day today… and coz of what people think I do most times at work.

If time wasting can add to my wealth and loafing to my health,

if hibernation can result in new projects and laziness in their successful completion,
if leisure can increase productivity and inactivity help sustain it,
if day dreaming can lead to unprecedented hikes and lethargy to promotions,
if relaxation can energize my social network and passiveness take me places,
life would have been a lot wonderful and
by now, I would have been the most successful man in the universe.

It goes without saying, that I was idle the entire day at home. Sleeping, browsing stuffs, sleeping, watching mega serials, sleeping, reading junk, sleeping, eating, sleeping… and the list of (in)activities goes on and all this in the name of rest and recovery.