Pony Tale !

** Based on a true story **

As he was walking through the crisscrossing aisles towards the exit he cast his eyes on her. Standing nearly about 25 feet from him, she was making tiny movements that caught his attention. Its not so often that women end up staying back till 10.00 PM at work which aroused his curiosity.

Under the dim lights, only her silhouette was perceptible, and he had already lost his heart to her long and wavy hair. She was tying her hair into a ponytail and was on her mobile which was conspicuous from her actions.

He managed a smile. The usual before-leaving-home face wash and grooming are going to come in handy for the first time, he thought. “Hi, What’s you up to at this time?”, “Long day eh?”… and many such monologues flashed past his mind. As he approached her taking a detour from his usual path, he was not sure which one of those he would unleash to start a conversation.

He started closing in on her. His heart was racing. And just when he was within earshot distance, he realized the longhaired, pony tailed stud was talking to his girl friend on the mobile.

Our man manages a “Good night dude” and walks off silently like nothing had happened.