Suruk Naruk Kadhaigal

Who was the first individual to land on moon ?
Neil Armstrong.
Who was the umpteenth individual to do that?
God knows.

Who was the first to popularize quick tales?
Who was the umpteenth to follow suit.
Maybe that’s good ol me.

Love Affair
He likes holding onto her while talking.
Once in a while he unintentionally smacks her.
He realized its time he got a hands free for his mobile phone.

Job Shift
After his 17 year stint in this organization, he was contemplating a change of job.
After all, he was given a pink slip today.

The naked truth
He was running around stark naked.
All the college going girls were watching him without a blink.
They simply adore this 2-year-old kid.

True Love
He always went to bed after she slept.
He did not want his snore to disturb her.


  1. Nice one...
    esp the "True Love" and "The Naked truth"

  2. Hahahaha:-))

    Nice ones..

    Ammani is for sure rocking the world with her quick tales.
    I saw quick tales in Nithya's blog too....Keep it going folks..

    Smiles etc.,


  3. didnt understand whats the title.

  4. @Aarthi,
    Thanks. Infact I thought I would use it as a filler as I was so bugged in the afternoon. and when I saw lota ppl talking about it, thought why not give it a shot :o)

    She sure rocks. I guess I would probably sneak in one or two every week. Enna sollureenga ?

    That means teeny tiny stories in Tamil :o)

  5. Somu:

    One or two a weeka? Make it a daily habit...Enna sollareenga?


    Dont give it up..You can sway it !!

    Smiles etc.,


  6. hey nice short tales....

    really good to read...

    keep it up!!

  7. @Smyta,
    Aiyo, itha yosikavey I had to pull a couple of hair from my head... Dailya ? Veindaamey... Maybe I shall start having theme posts... and Every tesday I can post short stories... Enna sollureenga ?

    Thanks a lot dude. By the way, did ya get your ambigram ? I sent it across to ya yesterday... Do acknowledge receipt, else I can resend :o)

  8. Wow, I am learning tamil, thank you :-)) This is nice thing that you wrote, every tuesday will it be?? cool.

  9. @Sonal,
    So learning Tamil eh ? cooool... and will try... maybe I should be able to come out with this every tuesday :p

  10. Somu U also fall into the league of quick tales "Ammani".We can consider her as our guru.
    naked truth
    true naruku therithar pollu irukku.thz for comign to my blog .I'll visit u regularly.

  11. I loved that last one "True love"

    LOL .... :-) :-)

  12. Somu:

    Theme posts???? Sounds inspiring...Do u have copyrights? I have a penchant for stealing:p LOL :-)

    So tuesdays are going to be Science cum fiction(Newspapers give science editions on Tuesdays and you will give fictions and stories)

    Yenna sollareenga?:-))

    Smiles etc.,


  13. Smyta,

    I have been contemplating theme posts for a long time. Just that it comes in my way of what I wanna write for that day. So, had shelved the idea. I would definitely give it life in about a months time or so. And maybe tuesdays would be quick tale day... Wednesdays would be poetry day ;o)

    Feel free to use the idea coz it ain't copywrited :o)

    Yenna sollureenga ?


  14. ayyoo.. niingalumaaa?? :-)

    so.. sun tv maathiri.. ini sirukathai vaaaaaram??

    Hmm.. i loved them anyway. nice. :-)

  15. Really liked the last one. And thanks for the mention :)

  16. Hey Somu,
    You might be the umpteenth one to follow suit, but I guess the style is closest to Ammani's... very very crisp, and great punch...:) I loved the love affair..:)

    Keep them coming, more frequently..:)


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