Suruk Naruk Kadhaigal

Who was the first individual to land on moon ?
Neil Armstrong.
Who was the umpteenth individual to do that?
God knows.

Who was the first to popularize quick tales?
Who was the umpteenth to follow suit.
Maybe that’s good ol me.

Love Affair
He likes holding onto her while talking.
Once in a while he unintentionally smacks her.
He realized its time he got a hands free for his mobile phone.

Job Shift
After his 17 year stint in this organization, he was contemplating a change of job.
After all, he was given a pink slip today.

The naked truth
He was running around stark naked.
All the college going girls were watching him without a blink.
They simply adore this 2-year-old kid.

True Love
He always went to bed after she slept.
He did not want his snore to disturb her.