Today is our 6th Anniversary

I met her when I was in my final year. It was a short meeting where I answered few questions and was generally rambling about myself. Exams arrived and so there was a long gap. We got back together immediately after my final year engineering exams. I liked her a lot, for, she was the first one to truly accept me for what I was.

There has been no looking back ever since. There was lot of love, loads of passion and bundles of commitment from my side. Relationships are built with no favors in return, but she reciprocated for every action, good or the otherwise, of mine – a reason I never looked at anyone or anything outside of this relationship.

She taught me the need to persevere. I have had my tough times with her, but I pulled on. She has had some bad times with me, but she decided to hold on to me. In our six years of journey together, I have grown mature and have learnt a lot about life and the challenges it poses.

June 1, 1999, when I started my professional association with Sify, I never knew I would come this far. We are entering into our 7th year together and it feels like it was just yesterday