Tough Stuff

I have always felt that it is lot easier to appreciate someone at work. But when it comes to throwing a brickbat, it’s a different ball game altogether.

I should not be hurting the other guy’s feelings. I should put it in such a way that it would make him realize his shortcomings. I have to enthuse him to get going and work towards improvisation. I should not be pointing fingers or blaming him. I should make it look more like a pep talk than a complaining session. And I should lend a helping hand.

Every time I take someone into the conference room for a little chat, I have to keep all the above in mind. Since I cannot predict his reaction, I can never be prepared for such sessions too. Today was yet another day when I had to enlighten a colleague of mine on where he is falling short and why he should start putting in more effort.

Another day! Another colleague! Another session! And I only hope I don’t say things that end up making them feel sore.