With Mr.Me and Myself

It all started with having to drop my sister off at the MGM resorts yesterday. And on my way back at Mayajaal, I thought I would book tickets in advance for the evening. Having no concrete plans for the day and with everyone else being busy with their own work, I decided to chart out my own plan for the day.

Without delay, booked tickets for Aathi and watched it all by myself. End of it all, I was so happy, for, I did things I have never before done in life.

1. Watched a movie in the theatre all by myself.
2. Broke the mental block of having to drive through the ECR (This is primarily because of a nasty experience that I have had in ECR that costed a drunk by passer his life)
3. Crossed the 100 kM/Hr barrier (it sure is fun to see those vehicles disappear behind you)

Rest of the day saw me sleeping, window-shopping, and paying a visit to the good old Besi beach. In short, a wonderful day spent in the solitude of the best company I have ever had.

P.S. After Aathi, I would like to declare that am officially out of the Vijay fan club.