With Mr.Me and Myself

It all started with having to drop my sister off at the MGM resorts yesterday. And on my way back at Mayajaal, I thought I would book tickets in advance for the evening. Having no concrete plans for the day and with everyone else being busy with their own work, I decided to chart out my own plan for the day.

Without delay, booked tickets for Aathi and watched it all by myself. End of it all, I was so happy, for, I did things I have never before done in life.

1. Watched a movie in the theatre all by myself.
2. Broke the mental block of having to drive through the ECR (This is primarily because of a nasty experience that I have had in ECR that costed a drunk by passer his life)
3. Crossed the 100 kM/Hr barrier (it sure is fun to see those vehicles disappear behind you)

Rest of the day saw me sleeping, window-shopping, and paying a visit to the good old Besi beach. In short, a wonderful day spent in the solitude of the best company I have ever had.

P.S. After Aathi, I would like to declare that am officially out of the Vijay fan club.


  1. naan appave sonnen...kandavanga pecha kettu vijay fan club-la ellam sera vendaam-nu.

    neenga kekkalai.

  2. We would be glad to welcome u into the Sanjai Fan club!!

  3. Watching a movie all by urself is one helluva fun thing. Ask me about it.

  4. out of fan club aah??.. LOL :-)... though i read at some places this movie is give-up, i thought as a vijay fan u would say its atleast OK...

  5. This is something i fear to try. Even if itz got to be shopping, I need company. But then, I will, one fine evening!

    And thanks for falling outta the Vijay fan club *wink*

  6. @Balaji
    Better late than never... Athaan thirinthiteiney !!

    Sanjai club ? Not yet... For now am still te ardent fan of Rajinikanth that I have always been. I thought Vijay for getting a lil closer to him... but looks like he is only getting closer to impossibility. So, for now, am part of the Rajini club.

    Oh yeah tell me about it. Except for the choice of movie, I think I had a pretty much good time. Maybe I shall try doin it once in a while.

    It's still an ok movie... But then consistently giving ok movies does not help... He either needs a vacation or a miracle.

    The best way to overcome fears is to face it... I have always shopped alone before, but watching a movie is something i never ventured into. And yeah am glad too that am outta the Vijay club... He is becoming way tooooooo monotonous !

  7. out of the fan club???when were u in it???i remember u telling me u're a fan of ajith!

  8. @Sheks
    I wudn't even say that in my dreams. Am not sure where u got that information from :o)

  9. //After Aathi, I would like to declare that am officially out of the Vijay fan club.//

    Man, I got company....

  10. So it was a milestone weekend ;) good to know ecr was crossed

    watching a movie alone has its advantageous ;)

  11. Kannu,

    Was tht all about ur day?;-) U forgot to add something that you also did! :p ;-)

    Smiles etc.,


  12. Crossing the 100 kmph mark may not be all that fun after a few years. I used to be a speed freak till maybe last year, not anymore!!!

    Watching a movie alone can be one of the best experiences - just that some people do not like it.

  13. @Ramya
    It sure was. Now I guess i have a way to spend my vacation.

    U sure have company...But were u a VIjay fan too sometime back ?

    Literally a milestone weekend. Considering I drove atleast about 40 KMs to and fro, am sure i wud have crossed lot of milestones ;o)))

    Enna advantage ? The only advantage i had was I had no one sitting on both my sides cribbing about the pathetic Vijay taste I have. It happened when I watched Sivakasi with friends.

    Well, I was focussing on the things I did myself... but then I should accept the loooong conversation with ya was a fitting end to my already wonderful day...

    Ippo mention pannitein :o))))

    Yeah I have heard u mention about the speed freak that u are... I think for me its the initial excitement... Am sure it wud die down eventually and reaching safely would be the one objective in my mind. But athukku niraya time irukku ;o)

    Not too many like it. I had all my friends swearing at me for watching it all alone... "You are such a loser" is what they seem to be telling me now. But then, like I care.

  14. hey Somu,
    well, I wudnt say I was a gr8 vijay fan b4.... though I used to like his movies... but the point is, he is becomin stereotypic..... n tat irritates me...

  15. wer i got tht info frm---rewind ur memory to woodlands drive-in,fiat car!

  16. Only movie i watched in a theatre all alone was Harry Potter - Goblet of Fire...
    Other than that in theatres i had never been alone.. :)

    On Sunday I did go for a small drive and small shopping all alone :)

  17. Hai..you've enjoyed your life solo. That's very nice. Even I like to be alone, but ofcourse only in the beach. Other outings are sure to have a best company.

    Longtime since iam into ur blog.

  18. @Kaushik
    Believe me... the same stereotype movies that is giving him the superstar status is gonna make him bite the dust soon...
    It's starting to irritate me too :o)

    Sorry machi, don't really remember... If I had said that, erase it from your mind... Am really no big fan of Ajith.

    Yeah I have been hearing about your driving exercises... Looks like you are having a good time driving to Atlanta :o)

    I know... the beach is really a nice place to go to even without any company... I prefer to go out only with friends too, but then I realized that doing things all by oneself once in a while is fun too :o)

  19. Hmm appadi ennathan Vijay panniputtan Aathi la ellorum verukkara alavuku

    although am no fan of Vijay, I like his films for they provide entertainment even at the expense of logic. I started liking Vijay films from Vaseegara (i love that film very much). Madhurae, Thirupaachi, Sachein i hated these movies but I liked Thirumalai very much....... Ramana director ngarathala i thought Aadhi will also be good.....

    but but somu........ avlo periya post la ellorum P.S nu pottirukkaratha mattum vachu comment panranga :)

  20. "After Aathi, I would like to declare that am officially out of the Vijay fan club"

    *clapping hands* :)

  21. Thanimaila varra inimaiyae thani dhaan, summa sollakoodaadhu!

  22. watching a movie all by yourself
    - congrats. join the club

    out of vijay fa club
    congrats again.

    car mattum medhuva ottu :D
    (take this a request from a concerned 2 wheeler rider)

  23. vijays remake movie only success why?


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