Blogging vs writing an exam

When I had to take an exam yesterday where I had to answer questions that were purely theoretical for 2 long hours, I felt a little weird. Having finished my paper much before the stipulated 2 hours, I spent the rest of the time in the hall wondering how different an experience writing is when it comes to blogging and taking an exam.

Here (read it as blogging) it’s a mere 15-minute affair. I sit down, decide what to write, and then write. There (Read it as an examination), it’s an over night affair. I first decide what to read and what not to, and then sit down to write.

Here I write what I want to write. There I write what I am required to write.

Here, I have a self-imposed word restriction. There, I always believe the marks are proportional to the length of the answer.

Here, originality is a principle for me. I never plagiarize. There, copying is an accepted act, though getting caught is never recommended.

Here, writing is more of a natural process. There, I need to attend classes for the same.

Here, when am stuck I call it the writer’s block. There, I call it out of syllabus or lack of preparation.

There are more such differences, but thought they were not significant enough. Can you think of anything more? :o)