Sleepless awakening

Amid thousand faces, I keep searching hers,
my eyes assiduously indulging in the hunt,
deftly shifting their gaze when they find her face.
Concentration dwindles, with work piling up,
nothing seems more significant,than a little chat with her.
All through the day, she invokes a pleasant thought,
and am dancing in a far away wonderland,
with all my worries and troubles shed.

I keep staring at my mobile, waiting to hear from her,
and at the least expected moment,
my mobile sings the special tone I saved exclusively for her.
The prolonged wait proves worthy.
My sleep has become a dream, missing from my life lately,
still no nightly moment passes without she occupying my mind.

I find these actions of mine inexplicable.

She is like the rainbow, colorful and beautiful,
adorning the entire expanse of the sky,
bringing in joy and happiness to everyone around.
How I wish I were the sky, I have no means to convey !

A dreadful sense of melancholy is evoked in me,
I go through a volley of emotions,
I suddenly see myself reliving my past,
the one I had consciously managed to put behind me.

I call up my pal, to keep myself occupied,
but the feelings return at the end of the banter.
My mind is misplaced in thoughts, she being the subject matter.
The night turns gruelling with every stretched second,
time makes unhurried progress extending my anguish.
I wait eternally for the torment to end.

At a snail's pace, the sun finally rises.
It dawns. And it dawns on me too.
I suddenly find the reason behind my actions.
The punishing emotions I suffered seem sensible.
I realize I AM IN LOVE,
for the second time in my life.
And I wish with all earnestness, there is no third time.